Don't Give Up.

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Gigi reappears, Starr wants nothing to do with Rick, and Clint makes a call...

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Rex arrives at Gigi's grave and talks about Shane going back to school and how Victor's being buried today. Jack and Tea are finally finding out what it's been like for him and Shane. Rex feels as though he doesn't have a choice and has to accept that Gigi is gone. Gigi appears. What does Gigi want him to know? "Don't give up," Gigi replies. Rex explains how he went to the Spotted Pony after Gigi said that before. He only found Kim. She repeats her message then disappears.


At Llanfair, Clint tells Kim he's come up with a solution for her sick friend's medical expenses. Clint has clout at the hospital. He's arranged to have Kim's friend transferred as early as tomorrow. Kim thanks Clint but refuses his offer. Her friend can't be moved. After Kim leaves, looking at a photo of her and Stacy on her way out, Clint does some research online and calls a hospital in Kentucky. He doesn't have the patient's name but gives them Kim's.


Roxy approaches Nate at the diner and asks if he's seen Morris. Nate listens as Roxy explains how Morris ended up missing. She slips about Morris having something inside of him but covers, claiming Morris has a big heart. Just as Nate suggests Roxy call her psychic friend, Delphina calls. She sensed Morris was missing. After Roxy hangs up, talk turns to Victor's murder. She wonders why Nate isn't with Dani. He admits she doesn't want him there. Delphina arrives and urges Nate to go see 'her'. She needs him. After Nate leaves, Roxy hands Delphina her sweater, the one she used to put on Morris. Delphina gets a message: 9mm. "Tell me about the gun, Roxy," Delphina orders. Roxy confides about the gun and the possibility that Rex killed Victor. Rex appears and tells Roxy that Cutter has Morris. Roxy rushes off. Delphina confirms Gigi's message to Rex. Don't give up. She urges Rex to ask Clint for further details.


Kristine wakes up in her motel room, screaming to find Morris in bed with her. Cutter insists that he turned the gun in to the cops. He still thinks the gun was Rex's and that he had a motive to kill Victor. Kristine's proud of Cutter for doing the right thing. "If Rex is a murderer," Cutter says. "He's going to have to pay one way or another." Kristine talks about her interview at Capricorn. At least she doesn't have to take her clothes off like Cutter's sister. She wonders why Kim came to see him. She needed a loan for her sick friend. Cutter's always respected how loyal Kim is. "What secrets does she have about you?" Kristine asks. She jokes about him having plastic surgery. He assures her he hasn't and says their kids will have no trouble in the looks department. Kristine's touched that Cutter wants a family with her. He gives Kristine some money and insists she go buy something nice for her interview. Kristine's never been so happy. Once she's gone, Cutter tells Morris what Kristine doesn't know won't hurt her. Kim arrives and shares Clint's offer. Cutter reminds Kim she can't have 'her' in Llanview. She needs Cutter's help and wonders why he keeps looking at the ugly porcupine. Roxy starts banging on the door.


Starr rushes into James's arms when he arrives at the mansion. She regrets having to say goodbye to Victor and hates that her father is the prime suspect in his murder. Starr believes in her father and shares Baz's theory about Tomas. Starr hopes he doesn't turn out to be Victor's killer. It would hurt too many people. James changes the subject to Starr's demo. He's happy to hear Baz found someone to produce it, until she mentions Rick. Starr wants nothing to do with Rick. James warns Starr about Baz's eagerness to get his music out there. She needs to make him understand that they need to wait for the right producer.


Blair arrives at the Manning Estate. Tomas warns her against going upstairs to see Tea. Her door's been shut for a while. Blair wonders if Tea's ignoring Tomas because she thinks he killed Victor. Blair demands the truth. Tomas explains he went to Claude. He wanted him to help him get Victor away from Dani and Tea and promises, "I didn't kill Victor Lord." Blair believes him. He wishes Baz did too. In the living room, Baz finds Dani looking at a picture of Victor. Baz helps Dani pick out music for Victor's funeral. Blair and Tomas join them. While Baz ignores Tomas, and takes a call from Rick, assuring him he speaks for Starr, Blair consoles Dani. Nate arrives and consoles Dani too. She falls into Nate's arms. Later, Tomas gets called away to meet with someone about Irene. Before he goes, Blair apologizes for doubting him. Even though she's tried, Blair can't find any other reasons to stay away from him.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Rex shares Delphina's message with Echo.

Tea is stunned by what she sees.

Viki worries Kim is involving Clint in illegal activities.

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