Who's Going To Help You?

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Dani and Tea mourn Victor, Todd attempts to talk to Jack, and Cutter realizes the gun is a 9mm...

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Tea and Dani looks at photos of Victor at the Manning Estate. Dani remembers him helping her collect photos when they thought Tea died. Tea promises to help Dani get through this. "Who's going to help you?" Dani asks. Destiny and Mrs. Evans stop by with their condolences. Felicia scolds Destiny when she alerts Tea and Dani to the message Shaun received on his cell. After Tea and Felicia head into the living room, Destiny admits everyone at school knows she's pregnant. Shane defended her against the cruel comments from their peers. Destiny isn't sure she's ready to be a mom but wants her baby to know who their parents are. In the living room, talk turns to Destiny's pregnancy. Tea insists Felicia distract her with the details. Felicia relays how Nora wants to raise the baby and presented her with legal papers. Tea agrees Nora offering to represent the Evans is a conflict of interest. Is Felicia asking her to represent her? Felicia was going to, but that was before Tea lost Victor. Tea reminds Felicia how lucky the baby will be to have her and Nora. After Felicia and Destiny leave, Tea and Dani continue to console each other.


At the diner, Shane begins to tell Rex what's bothering him about Jack. Nora and Bo appear with news about Matthew. Destiny's pregnant. Shane admits he found out at school. Nora brings up Mrs. Evans and blames herself for their lack of communication. Later, once alone, Rex asks Shane what he wanted to tell him about Jack. Shane can't help but think about how much Jack is going through, losing his dad. "Are you sure that's all it is?" Rex asks. "Yes," Shane replies. Nearby, Felicia joins Nora and suggests they talk about their grandchild.


In John's office, Jack claims Todd shot Victor and was the one who hit him over the head. John reminds Jack of his earlier statement, that he didn't remember anything. Not only does Jack claim to remember Todd knocking him out, he says he was lying there dazed and repeats what he heard when Todd confronted Victor. Word for word, Jack repeats the voicemail he heard Shaun play for Starr. Jack claims he passed out after hearing the gunshot. He doesn't know how he got to the hospital but asks, "Are you going to arrest him now?" Jack's lied to John before. Jack promises he's telling the truth and offers to testify against Todd. John tells Jack to write everything down then orders him to sign the legal statement. Jack does. Later, Bo arrives. John catches him up on Jack's claims. Bo knows John doesn't trust Jack but says they have enough to make the charges stick. "Are you going to make the arrest?" Bo asks.


Blair finds Todd at the mansion, waiting for Jack. He needs Jack to know he didn't kill Victor and rants about what Natalie told him. Blair doesn't think Jack will listen to Todd and assures him Victor was trying to protect Jack. He wonders where the hell Blair was when Jack was bullying Shane and taking part in the prank that killed Gigi. Blair's offended. She tried to get through to Jack and was ashamed of what he did. "Do you think I wanted any of this to happen?" she cries. "He's my son." Todd recalls his own crimes and blames himself for how Jack's turned out. He apologizes for being rough on Blair, pulls her close and vows to help Jack, who appears and lashes out at Blair for hooking up with his father's murderer. Todd promises he'd never hurt Jack by killing Victor. Jack thinks Todd deserves to be in jail for life.


In their motel room, Kristine jumps back from Morris. Cutter had no idea there was a gun inside Morris. He stops her from touching the gun. Cutter realizes it's a 9mm. It might be the gun that killed Victor. Kristine wants to call the cops. Cutter refuses. The cops might try to pin the murder on them. Kristine doesn't buy it and wonders what's really going on with Cutter. He's trying to walk a straight-line and doesn't want to be falsely accused due to their past crimes. Morris was Roxy's, who was talking to Echo… Cutter thinks they were protecting Rex, who had motive to kill Victor. Rex is rich… Cutter suggests they let him know they have the gun. Kristine wonders if Cutter's suggesting they blackmail Rex. He claims to want to help Rex. Kristine doesn't believe him and orders Cutter not to extort money from Rex. If he does, they're done. He agrees to turn the gun in to the cops. After Kristine leaves, Cutter bags the gun and says what she doesn't know won't hurt her.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Gigi appears and begs Rex not to give up.

Though Starr tells James she wants nothing to do with Rick, Baz has other plans.

Clint makes a call.

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