At Least I Didn't Kill My Twin.

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Natalie is the voice of reason, Cutter ends up with more than he bargained for, and Jack accuses Todd...

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Todd confronts Natalie at Llanfair, calling her his fiancé-stealing niece. "At least I didn't kill my twin," Natalie counters. Todd denies killing Victor. Natalie taunts Todd about his past. Todd brings up his kids. He would never kill Victor and hurt them like that. Natalie sympathizes with the time Todd's lost. Over talk of how Jack's dealing with everything, Natalie tells Todd how Victor helped Jack get away with murder. Jack's bullying almost killed Shane and ended up killing his mother. Victor paid off another father. Jack walked away free. Todd blames himself for not being there for Jack. Natalie suggests Todd be there for Jack now. Todd thanks Natalie then orders her to tell Brody to stop eating doughnuts and go find Louie and the missing gun.


In John's office, Shaun explains that he was out of town and couldn't get any of his messages, not until today. He plays Victor's message. John notes there was a confrontation. The intruder let himself in and shot Victor without saying a word. Shaun brings up Todd. John doesn't have enough evidence to hold him. Shaun knows Louie and agrees to keep his eyes open for him, especially when John admits the gun Todd gave him could clear him. He leaves his phone with John but warns him not to look at his and Vivian's vacation photos.


At the mansion, Jack wonders why Todd hasn't been arrested yet and insists Todd knocked him out. Starr assures him their father didn't. Jack reminds Starr that Todd was locked up for a long time. Who knows what he's capable of doing. Starr knows Jack's hurt and how much he loved Victor. She loved him too. She suggests Jack grieve then give their father a chance. Shaun arrives to pay his respects. He knows how much Victor loved them. Jack lashes out, as Shaun relays that John is working on finding Victor's killer. From the other room, Jack's shocked to hear that Shaun turned over a voicemail recording of Victor's murder. Starr promises her dad didn't kill Victor. Shaun assures her Todd won't be arrested until they find the missing gun. Jack rushes out the door unnoticed. Later, Todd arrives to talk to Jack. Starr finds him gone.


In Angels Square, over talk of Morris, Roxy tells Echo, "We have to get that thing back before Rex's life is destroyed." Rex appears and asks, "What thing?" Roxy explains how Morris is missing. Rex doesn't buy that Roxy's worried that losing Morris will hurt him, claiming Rex always loved Morris as a kid. After Roxy rushes off, Rex again tells Echo that he didn't kill Victor but agrees with her. He shouldn't have a gun in the house with Shane.


Roxy finds John at the station and demands he put an IUD on Morris. He's missing! John rolls his eyes. "When you find him, and I know you will," Roxy says. "Don't look inside." She rambles about Victor's murderer, Morris and Liam's kidnapper and how Natalie's heart still belongs to John. He agrees to find her porcupine. Later, Jack barges into John's office. He remembers. Todd knocked him out the night of Victor's murder.


Cutter talks to Morris at the diner. Brody appears and asks, "What're you doing with Morris." Cutter bought him at the flea market. Brody's surprised Roxy parted with him. As Cutter leaves, Shane appears. They talk about school and Jack. Rex arrives and talks about Morris being missing. Brody relays that Cutter claimed he bought him then answers Rex's questions about Victor's shooting. They don't have enough to book Todd. A lot of people wanted Victor dead. After Brody leaves, Rex assures Shane he can talk to him about anything.


Roxy rejoins Echo in Angels Square, claiming she has someone on the hunt for Morris. Echo worries someone will find the gun. Roxy doesn't think anyone will look inside Morris. Nearby, Brody runs into Natalie, who relays her talk with Todd. She's convinced he didn't kill Victor.


At the Minute Man Motel, Kristine thinks Kim is another one of Cutter's sluts, probably named Bambi. Kim introduces herself as Aubrey. Kristine compares the yearbook photo to Kim, who confirms that her female plastic surgeon is that good. As Kristine rants at Kim for stealing from Rama, Cutter appears, stunned to find them together. Cutter acts as though he hasn't seen Kim in ages. After the introductions, Cutter gives Morris to Kristine, who steps away to take a call. Cutter demands to know what Kim's doing there and reminds her Kristine can't find out what they did at the Spotted Pony. Kim needs Cutter to help her pay her friend's hospital bills. Cutter throws her out. Later, as Kristine picks up Morris, the gun falls out. Cutter and Kristine stare at it in shock.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Cutter doesn't want to turn the gun over to the cops.

Tea is approached for legal advice in regards to Destiny's unborn child.

Todd attempts to have a heart to heart with Jack.

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