Zero Tolerance For Weapons In My Hood!

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Roxy grabs a gun, Tomas confronts Baz, and Clint agrees to help Kim...

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Baz goes to the mansion and admits he told John to look into his dad's alibi. Starr can't believe it and thinks someone else must've killed Victor. Since Starr's busy planning the memorial, Baz agrees to go meet the new producer. Rick arrives and says, "You two look hot together." They try to throw him out. Rick's their new producer. The label trusts his instincts. Rick makes a mental note to do a spin-off porno, "Hold The Microphone." Starr refuses to work with Rick, who rings his private number into Baz's cell then leaves. Starr can't believe Baz is considering working with Rick, thinking he could be their only chance to make it in the business.


Kim takes a call outside of Llanfair. She assures someone she's working on a payment plan and begs them not to throw their patient out. She pushes her way into the mansion. Nigel tries getting rid of her, but Clint welcomes Kim's visit. Clint dismisses Nigel then gets to the point. He doesn't have any money and wonders what Kim's after. She's dancing again to support a friend in need. Kim wants investment advice from Clint. She needs money quick or her friend will wither away. Clint thinks Kim's a good friend and remembers how she wanted to help Stacy before she died. Kim becomes nervous. Clint vows to help Kim if she never returns to the Spotted Pony. She's way better than that. Kim's touched.


Cutter finds Kristine looking at Aubrey's yearbook photo in their motel room. She relays what Rama told her. Kristine wonders if he and Aubrey did something at the Spotted Pony that he doesn't want her to know about. Cutter did things he isn't proud of. Aubrey had plastic surgery. They pulled some scams then split up. He claims not to have seen Aubrey since then heads to the flea market to sell some stuff. Later, Kim arrives at the door and smiles at Kristine, who's oblivious to who she is.


Echo, with Rex's gun in a bag, wanders through the Angels Square flea market, praying that Rex didn't kill Victor. "I have to get rid of this," Echo says. "Get rid of what?" Roxy asks, holding Morris. Roxy's selling Morris and shows Echo his hidden compartment. Roxy offers to get rid of whatever's in the bag if Echo buys Morris. When she grabs Echo's bag, the gun falls to the ground. Roxy hides the gun in her pants and warns, "I have zero tolerance for weapons in my hood!" Roxy thinks Echo killed Victor and threatens to call John. "I didn't kill Victor," Echo whispers. "Our son Rex did." Echo relays her conversation with Rex, who claimed the gun hadn't been fired. Rex lied. Roxy plans to get rid of the gun, but Nigel appears and wonders what she has for sale. While Echo distracts Nigel, Roxy hides the gun in Morris' compartment. As Roxy tells Echo the gun is in Morris' hidey-ho, someone looks Morris over. Later, Roxy finds Morris missing, with a gold dollar coin in his place.


Nigel returns to Llanfair. Clint jokes about him marrying Kim then admits she's changed. She needs help for a sick friend.


Brody notices Natalie's distraction at the diner. She tells Brody what Victor's secretary said. Brody went to see Victor about Marty's tape. Victor didn't know what was on it. Natalie wonders why Brody threatened him then. They argued, but Brody didn't mean his threat. Does Natalie think he killed Victor? Natalie feels obligated to follow-up the witness' statement with John. Brody takes out his 9 mm and challenges Natalie to have it tested. She apologizes and knows Brody wouldn't lie to her or kill someone. They have to find Victor's killer. Nearby, Cutter stokes Morris' head, saying Aubrey's going to love him.


Tomas enters John's office, who wonders where he was the night Victor was killed. Tomas is stunned to hear Baz came to see John willingly. John wonders if he wants to revise his story, accusing Tomas of not being with Baz like he initially said. Tomas had a flat tire then went to the diner, where he ran into Baz. John had Tomas' car checked out. There is no donut or new tire on it. Tomas claims he didn't kill Victor. He would’ve lost his entire family. Tomas hands John Claude's card. He was with him that night, trying to find a legit way to get rid of Victor. He denies owning a 9 mm then leaves. Later, Shaun arrives, claiming to have a recording of Victor's murder.


Baz appears surprised when Tomas enters the mansion. Tomas wonders if Baz thought he'd be in jail for murder. When Tomas and Baz leave to talk, Starr looks at a photo of Victor.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Cutter ends up with more than he bargained for.

Jack accuses Todd.

Natalie is the voice of reason for Todd.

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