Seeing A Lot Of Each Other.

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

A very special encounter changes someone's life, Natalie gets news about Brody, and Todd pleads with Starr...

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In Bo's office, Tea's disgusted Todd would think she'd represent him. He urges John to find Louie and begs Tea to believe in his innocence. John thinks Louie packed up and left town. Tea wonders if Todd paid for Louie's trip. Todd demands John find the real killer. He offers to give Tea five million dollars to represent him. She once married him for the same amount. In all seriousness, Todd asks Tea to do it for Dani. Tea refuses. John orders Todd not to leave town then releases him.


Over in John's office, Victor's secretary thinks twice about telling Natalie about Brody. Natalie finally gets Tracey to trust her, who admits she heard Brody threaten Victor. Tracey reiterates the argument she overheard and how Brody threatened to kill Victor if he destroyed what Brody had. After Tracey leaves, Natalie wonders what Victor could’ve destroyed of Brody's. John appears and asks what's wrong. Natalie turns talk to Todd. John briefly goes over what happened then insists Natalie tell him what's bothering her. She blames it on what's going on with Todd. John suggests she go home to her little boy. Natalie thinks that's a good idea.


Tomas and Baz join Blair and Starr at the mansion. Todd's at the station now. They should know if he killed Victor very soon. Baz wonders where Tomas got his information. Tomas simply called the station. After Tomas and Blair head out, Starr admits to Baz that she hopes Todd didn't kill Victor. He could go to prison. Baz doesn't think it'll happen and suspects Tomas knows something about Victor's murder. He explains finding Tomas at the diner, acting guilty, the night of Victor's murder. Tomas was missing when Victor was killed. Baz gets a call and relays that a producer loves their demo. Starr excitedly jumps into his arms. Todd arrives. After Baz leaves, Todd begs Starr to believe that he didn't kill Victor. Starr believes him.


Outside the diner, Blair feels guilty. If Todd killed Victor, she showed him the gun. Tomas assures Blair Victor's murder had nothing to do with her. Blair wonders how Tomas would know that. Tea appears and relays what happened at the station. Inside, Cris finishes up a call with the Dean. He was asked to go to Barcelona to replace a professor who had to drop out of a program. Carlotta's stunned to hear his flight has already been booked. Cris doesn't think he can leave on such short notice. She convinces Cris to take the opportunity and hopes he finds what's been missing for him in Llanview in Spain. Rama appears and thinks Carlotta is happy because Cris and Jessica are back together. Cris corrects Rama, shares his news and they say goodbye. Rama thinks Cris' true love is out there waiting for him. Tea, Blair and Tomas appear. Cris gives Tea his condolences. Everyone hears Cris' news and is happy for him. They all share an emotional goodbye. After Cris leaves, Blair assures Tea that Victor loved her very much. Tea cries in Blair's arms. Outside, Tomas takes a mysterious call asking someone to keep him posted on Victor's investigation. He's glad Tea and Dani are finally safe.


Baz goes to John's office and urges him to check out Tomas' alibi. Baz feels his father knows something about Victor's murder.


At Llanfair, Jessica makes it clear that her life is none of Ford's business. Ford demands that Jessica tell Tess to leave him alone then. She panics, thinking Tess has returned, but Ford explains the hallucinations. He promises not to play with her mind. In fact, Ford's made arrangements for Inez to pick up Ryder so Jessica doesn't have to see him again. "I changed my mind," Jessica says and admits there's nothing going on between her and Cris. She wants Ford to feel free to come and go with Ryder as he pleases, unless he's uncomfortable seeing her. They agree Ryder needs them both. As they delegate milestones to take on separately and together, Ryder's first love comes up. Jessica wonders if Ford ever had one. He talks about Langston and how she changed him. He thought Langston was his first love but realizes it was really Tess. She apologizes. They both agree they'll find love again. After Ford leaves, Jessica reads the poem from the love letter Cris left.


The next day, in Spain, Cris meets another teacher, who has written the same poem on the chalkboard from the love letter to Jessica. Erin anticipates seeing more of Cris, who admits she reminds him of someone he knows.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Shaun possesses a very important piece of evidence for John.

Tomas confronts Baz about ratting him out.

Clint agrees to help Kim out.

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