Trying To Forget About Me, Pretty Boy?

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Ford daydreams about Tess, Victor's secretary gives Natalie information, and Echo thinks Rex is guilty...

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Ford daydreams at the diner and mistakes a waitress for Tess. He apologizes then sees Tess again, who asks, "Are you trying to forget about me, pretty boy?" Ford ends up arguing with his image of Tess. She urges him to fight for her by breaking down Jessica's mind. He refuses to mess with Jessica's sanity. Tess warns if Ford doesn't start fighting for her hard and dirty, the way Tess likes it, he'll lose her forever. He calls out for Tess, which brings to waitress back to his table. Ford asks for his check.


At Llanfair, Jessica and Cris break from their kiss. They agree the spark's still there, but Jessica doesn't think they should read too much into it. Her life's a mess. She briefly debates getting back with Cris just to stick it to Natalie then laughs it off. Cris reminds her how safe they felt together and shows her an old love letter of theirs. Cris still loves her and settles for just being in Jessica's life. She kisses Cris goodbye and professes her love as well. Ford appears. Cris makes his exit. Ford wonders what was going on between her and Cris.


Cris arrives at the diner and finds a message for him to call the Dean. Cris does so and asks, "You want me to what?"


Natalie holds up the forensics' report for Brody in John's office. John appears and hears a 9 mm was used to shoot Victor. He reminds them that the gun-type is too common, even Brody carries one. Todd turned himself in for questioning and claimed he gave Louie the gun. John orders Brody to find Louie then goes over the report with Natalie. He's sorry for her loss. They talk about those grieving Victor's death, as well as Rex's unsympathetic feelings. Natalie assures John Rex would never kill anyone. Brody appears and reports that all evidence of Louie living at the docks is gone. After John leaves, Brody makes plans to meet Natalie at home and leaves. Victor's secretary appears and tells Natalie she needs to talk to John about Victor's murder, specifically about Police Officer Brody Lovett.


Tea approaches Todd in Bo's office. He's sorry about Tea's husband, the fraud. Tea slaps Todd and accuses him of killing Victor. She wonders if Todd ever thought of how Dani would feel. "That's the only reason I didn't kill Victor," he replies. Tea demands that Todd prove his innocence. Todd thinks she should've known Victor wasn't him. She fell in love with an imposter. Todd goes over all of the things Victor did that should've raised suspicion. Tea admits Victor made some Todd Manning-size mistakes, but he had good qualities Todd never had. Victor loved Tea in a way Todd never could. He never raped anyone, unlike Todd. He grabs Tea and asks her to believe in him. John appears. They found no sign of Louie or the gun. John warns Todd needs a lawyer. Todd claims Tea's going to represent him.


At the Buchanan Mansion, Echo pulls out a gun and asks if Rex used it to kill Victor. There was a time when Rex thought about killing Victor but denies doing it. His clothes were muddy because he went to Gigi's grave. He tells Echo about the exhumation. Echo's sorry Rex felt he had to go to such lengths and assures him he can trust her now. Though Rex's grateful for whoever killed Victor, he again denies doing it. Echo has no choice but to believe him but still wants to get rid of the 9 mm.


Over at the mansion, Sam refuses to believe Jack about Victor being dead. Blair orders Jack upstairs then gently tells Sam that his father is dead. "Didn't he love me?" Sam asks. Blair assures Sam he did. Sam wonders if Jack told the whole truth, that his friend killed his dad. They don't have all the answers yet, but Blair promises their family will always be there for Sam. She urges Sam to keep his chin up so his daddy can see him smile. Jack answers the door to Shane, who's sorry to hear about his dad. He knows how Jack feels. Jack plans to make sure the guy who really killed Victor pays. Shane reminds Jack that the person who really killed his mom is still walking around free… for now… then leaves. Jack rejoins Blair and Sam. After Sam leaves, Jack promises not to upset Sam again but challenges Blair to deny that she really doesn't suspect that Scarface killed Victor.


Shane arrives home just as Rex assures Echo that he didn't kill Victor. The gun's never even been fired. Later, Echo unloads the gun, finds a bullet missing and realizes it's been fired. She thinks Rex was lying.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Natalie finds out that Brody threatened Victor.

Todd begs Starr to believe in his innocence.

Erin Torpey returns, where a very special encounter changes someone's life.

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