Started With The Letter T.

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Tea confides in Dani, a big secret is revealed, and Cris and Jessica talk about the past...

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At the mansion, Jack says he thinks Todd shot Victor. He bashes Todd and refuses to look at him as his father. Starr tries to reason with Jack about how it feels to have their father back. She loved Victor too. Starr leaves. Blair unsuccessfully tries to get through to Jack. As they argue, Sam appears and wonders why they're yelling about his dad. Jack grabs Sam and tells him their father is dead and Sam's friend Scarface killed him.


Tea and Dani return to the Manning Estate and find Victor's blood still on the floor. Tea covers it up, as Dani voices regret for leaving Victor alone that night. Tea's glad she wasn't there and can't imagine having lost her too. Tea admits Victor tried telling her who killed him. It sounded as though he was trying to say a word that started with the letter T. Dani wonders if he was trying to say Todd. Tea isn't sure if Victor was saying a name or a sound. There was no time. In the end, Tea kept repeating how much she loved him. "He was trying to say Tea," Dani cries and holds her mom close. Starr arrives and consoles Tea, who leaves Dani with her while she heads to the station. Starr admits Jack looks at her as a traitor and asks, "Am I still your sister?" Dani will always credit Starr for helping her love Victor. She understands how Starr feels close to Todd. She'll always be Starr's sister.


At the station, John asks Todd if he killed Victor. Todd admits to borrowing Blair's gun with plans to regain his life. John gives a scenario of how he thinks everything went down… Todd knocked out Jack, killed Victor then took Jack to the hospital. Todd admits John's theory makes sense but isn't true. Todd didn't kill Victor because of Blair and his kids. Todd wants them back, and Jack would hate him if he killed the man he loved as a father. He gave Louie the gun. John checks with 'guns for cash' and finds that Louie hasn't turned in a gun. He orders Todd to stay put while he goes to find Louie. Later, Tea arrives, claims to be Todd's attorney and faces the man from her past.


Cris confesses he came to Llanfair to give Jessica his condolences but that's not all. "It's about you and me," Cris says and reflects on his and Rama's talk about happiness and taking a chance by reconnecting with his first love. He wants to see if there's still something between them. "Are you saying you want us to try again?" Jessica asks. Cris only knows one way to find out if there's anything left between them and takes Jessica in a kiss.


At the diner, as Aubrey debates going back to her real name, Kristine, Rama's reminded of what the real Aubrey did. Rama explains how she and the real Aubrey went to prep school on scholarships. Over talk of the photo of Aubrey in the old yearbook, Rama remembers Aubrey always considered herself an ugly duckling and vowed to have plastic surgery one day. She stole Rama's lifesavings then disappeared. Rama traced her to the Spotted Pony, which Aubrey recognizes as the place that had Cutter up in arms. Rama found the Spotted Pony to be a dead-end, a place she doesn't want to think about again. It was just recently that she ran into Cutter, who claims he hasn't heard from Aubrey. Rama hopes Kristine can get back in touch with her old self and wonders if Aubrey ever used her money to become beautiful or if she's still the same old ugly duckling.


Cutter is shocked to see 'Aubrey' at his door. Though she insists that he call her Kim now, she'll always be Aubrey Wentworth to her big brother. They catch up on Cutter's failed Buchanan scam. Kim throws the tabloid at him and rants about the cheap blonde on his arm at the "Vicker Man" premiere, the one using her name. When Cutter hears Kim's working back at the Spotted Pony, he worries someone will put two and two together. Kim doesn't want to go to jail either and promises she didn't tell Rex anything. Cutter reminds Kim that Rama knows what they did. Cutter suggests Kim leave before Rama sees her. Kim doesn't think Rama would recognize her after a few nips and tucks but plans to repay her after she remarries Clint. Cutter admits it wasn't a coincidence that he went after Clint's son Joey. She warns Cutter to stay away from the Buchanans. Their happiness isn't the only one at stake. Kim wants to share her secret with Cutter and shows him a photo of her and Stacy.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Ford daydreams about Tess, who urges him to fight for her.

Victor's secretary gives Natalie information about Brody.

Echo thinks her son is guilty.

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