Oh My God, Cutter!

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Kim makes a shocking discovery, Cutter receives a visitor, and Viki confronts Todd...

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At the special care facility, Kim tells 'her girl' that Llanview was great, until the red head showed up. Kim plans for Natalie to be calling her mom before she knows it. Kim relays that Rex dug up Gigi's grave. "It's like he didn't think Gigi was in there," Kim nervously says. "That's crazy, isn't it?" Kim places a photo of Sierra Rose next to the one of her and Stacy. Kim urges her friend to get better for Sierra Rose. She starts leafing through a tabloid and gasps, "Oh my God, Cutter!" She reads about how Cutter and Aubrey Wentworth scammed Llanview, were caught and are now slumming it at the Minute Man Motel.


Cutter appears in his motel room in a uniform. He got a legit job, working the front desk at the Minute Man, in order to change for Aubrey. He asks her to go back to the beginning with him, as Cutter and Christine. She's been Aubrey for so long. Cutter suggests she stay 'Aubrey' then and kisses her. They make love. Later, after Christine leaves, Cutter opens the door to Kim and says, "Aubrey."


Natalie visits Rex at the Buchanan Mansion. He knows Victor was shot and says, "Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy." He wonders if the cops have a lead. They're waiting for forensics. Natalie questions him over Gigi's exhumation. Rex now knows Gigi's dead and accuses Delphina of being a fake. Talk turns to Kim. They agree Kim can do no good. Rex is stunned to hear Natalie moved out of Llanfair and is now living with Brody and Liam. Natalie has to leave and hopes the forensics' report is ready. It'll tell them the type of gun that was used to kill Victor. After she leaves, Rex takes a gun out of the safe and aims it at the wall.


At the diner, Rama wants nothing more than for Cris to be happy. With her help, they can fill that void in his life. Vimal overhears and approaches in a jealous rant. When Rama asks why he isn't at work, Vimal reveals that Victor was murdered. Rama wonders who had reason to want Victor dead. Vimal suddenly rushes off. Rama knows he's hiding something. Rama starts going over Cris' past flings until they reach Jessica. Cris' first love. She reminds Cris that Jessica came to him when she lost her memories. Could they still have something between them? She begs Cris to go to Jessica and warns he'll die alone if he doesn't take this chance. Later, Aubrey joins Rama and admits she and Cutter might get back together. No more secrets or cons. She might even go back to her real name since 'Aubrey' belongs to someone else.


Todd enters the foyer at Llanfair, as Viki's finishing up a call with John. She has bad news. Victor is dead. "I know," Todd replies. He saw it in The Banner. Viki stares at Todd, who asks, "You think I killed him?" Todd's offended. Viki warns he's wanted for questioning and asks about the gun. Todd wonders why Victor deserves her remorse. Did he protect her children? Was he ever a brother to her? Viki picks up the phone. She promised John she'd call when Todd returned home. Todd can't believe Viki thinks he would risk going to jail over Victor and leaves. In the living room, Clint consoles Jessica over Victor's death. She assures Clint she's fine and starts ranting when Clint suggests Natalie may have more details on the case. Jessica knows Natalie is against Clint seeing Kim. She suggests he go for it and wonders if Kim wanted him back would he take her? Clint changes the subject to Jessica and Ford. Jessica admits they kissed, which sets Clint off. She assures Clint she and Ford decided not to see each other. He worries about her but thinks Jessica deserves better than Ford. Later, while Viki takes Clint to get his medicine, Jessica answers the door to Cris.


Brody approaches John at the station and comments on Todd being their prime suspect. John wonders where he got that information. Brody only assumed. John goes over the case, and those who hated Victor, in an attempt to find a motive. Later, Vimal confronts Brody and asks, "Did you kill Victor Lord?" Vimal panics, thinking Brody's going to kill him next. "Shut up!" Brody screams. John approaches and wonders what the problem is. He questions Vimal in Victor's murder. "I have information that could lead you straight to the killer," Vimal reluctantly replies. He sees a photo of Todd and suggests he did it. John excuses him. While Brody joins Natalie, and takes her in his arms, Todd appears and tells John, "I heard you're looking for me."

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Due to the Labor Day holiday the show will air an encore of its April 6, 2011 episode. For a refresher view the One Life To Live Daily Recap: I Killed Eddie Ford.

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