What Did You Do?

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Many appear guilty, Victor's family deals with their loss, and Baz is upset with Tomas...

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At the Manning Estate, Tea's forced to tell Dani that Victor's dead. Dani becomes hysterical and refuses to believe her. Brody holds Dani back, as she rushes to the body bag. "I'm sorry, he's gone," Tea cries. As Tea consoles Dani, Brody thinks back to telling Liam that the bad man needed to be dealt with. Dani wonders who would kill Victor. Tea thinks back to Blair's message, warning her that Todd had a gun. Tea promises the police will find whoever killed Victor. After Victor's body is taken away, Brody suggests they check into a hotel, assures them they're doing everything to find the killer and apologizes for their loss.


Shane catches Rex arriving home and asks, "Where were you?" Rex is evasive. Shane wonders what he did. Rex went back to Gigi's grave to make sure she was peaceful and to apologize for trying too hard to make things right, things Gigi would've talked him out of doing. Shane is sorry too, for being mad at Rex. He thinks Shane's perfect, but Shane doesn't think so. Neither of them can sleep, so they turn on the TV just in time to see Blanca's news report and Victor's body removed from the crime scene. Rex and Shane exchange an empty look. They watch as Brody orders Blanca off the Manning property. She vows to find out who killed Victor Lord. Rex thinks back to removing the gun from the safe. Shane recalls approaching the safe and says, "I wonder who did it." Rex doesn't think it matters. A lot of people hated Victor. "We're free from him now," Rex says but warns it would be disrespectful to Gigi's memory if they celebrated his death. Shane brings up Rex promising Jack and Victor would pay and figures they finally have. They talk about how steamed Brody appeared on TV and agree he seemed over the top. After Shane goes to bed, Rex looks at the safe.


At the hospital, everyone's shocked when John announces that Victor's been murdered. Jack lashes out at Starr for acting as though she cares and disowns her as his sister. She threw Victor away as soon as Scarface appeared. Jack pinpoints Todd as Victor's murderer. Starr rushes out. Blair leaves John to question Jack. John asks why Jack's keys were at the crime scene and how he ended up in the ER. Jack went back to the Manning Estate. As Jack let himself in, someone hit him then he woke up in the hospital. Jack claims it felt as though someone hit him over the head with a gun. He knows John doesn't care about him or his dad and thinks he's trying to pay them back for Gigi's death. John admits he resents Jack and Victor in regards to Gigi but vows to find Victor's killer.


Blair joins Starr in the waiting area. Starr cries, "Jack is wrong." Blair reminds Starr that Jack is hurting. They both express how much they loved Victor. He was so much like his brother. That's why it was so easy for them to believe he was Todd. Starr feels guilty for ratting Victor out to Tea, Dani and Jack. Starr wonders if Jack was right. Did Todd kill Victor? John appears and relays that Jack couldn't give him answers. "I'm just going to say it," Blair interjects. Is it possible Todd knocked Jack out, shot Victor then brought Jack to the hospital? John reminds them it's too soon to tell and leaves. Starr looks at a photo of her, Victor and Hope and cries. When Blair rejoins Jack, he blames her for Victor's murder. Blair holds Jack close as he cries.


Tomas finds Baz at the diner, who's upset his father blew him off. Tomas claims he got caught in the storm then admits he was furious that Tea didn't leave Victor like he asked. "What did you do about it?" Baz asks. Tomas took a drive to calm down then got a flat tire. He asks to listen to Baz's music and likes what he hears. Over talk of Starr's involvement, Tomas wonders if Baz wants to be more than her musical partner. Baz doesn't want to discuss it. As they leave, Blanca appears and wonders why Tomas hasn't been detained, like the last time he shot Victor. She accuses Tomas of finishing the job this time.


Tomas and Baz join Dani and Tea at The Manning Estate. As they console them, Tomas remembers Dorian telling him she'd always hoped Blair would meet someone who would end the Todd Manning cycle.


John and Brody catch up on the case at the station. Later, Brody looks at Liam's photo, happy that now no one will ever know that he's not Liam's father or that John is.

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While catching up on the goings on in Llanview, Kim makes a shocking discovery.

Cutter is visited by someone from his past.

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