Please, Don't Leave Me.

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Tea is devastated, Blair is up in arms, and Mrs. Evans sets boundaries...

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Tea arrives at the Manning Estate, sees Victor shot on the floor and screams. He's alive. Tea calls 911. She cries for Victor to open his eyes and stay with her. Victor does as asked and manages a smile. Tea begs him to tell her who did this to him. He starts convulsing and spitting up blood. Sirens echo in the night, as Tea begs Victor not to leave her. "I love you," Victor whispers then closes his eyes.


Brody holds his gun at the station. "What's going on?" John calls from behind him. Brody relays that Blair reported her gun missing. She thinks Todd took it, so Brody went to check things out. A call comes in that Victor's been shot. In his office, Bo reminds Nora that it'll be Destiny's decision if they're able to raise their grandchild.


Blair screams for Jack at the mansion. She rushes to Starr and reports, "Jack's gone." Blair admits she brought Jack home from Victor's then confides that she thinks Todd took the gun out of Dorian's safe. She thinks Jack went back to Victor's and doesn't want him to get caught up in the crossfire between Victor and Todd. Suddenly, Blair gets a call from the hospital about Jack.


The EMTs arrive at the Manning Estate and announce that Victor's dead. John and Brody appear. They cover Victor's body. John questions Tea, who relays finding Victor shot. John's sorry. Tea doesn't think he is. John hated Victor, and Victor hated him. John takes a towel from Tea, with Victor's blood on it, and has it bagged. John wants to call Dani or Tomas. Tea doesn't know how she's going to tell Dani. Outside, Brody finds a keychain labeled J.M. He brings it inside to show John. Tea confirms it's Jack's. John thinks the shooter may have used the keys to enter the house. Tea knows Jack wouldn't do this and relays Blair's message. John's aware of Todd having a gun and has an APB out on him. Word comes that Jack's at the ER with a bump on his head and his assailant unknown. John heads out, leaving Brody staring down at Victor's body.


Blair and Starr arrive at the hospital. The doctor wonders why Blair would question whether Jack was shot. Starr covers, as the doctor explains that Jack was found outside unconscious with a bump on his head. Blair rushes to Jack's side. He wakes up. Blair snaps at Jack for leaving the house and wonders how he ended up at the hospital. He doesn't know but admits he went back to his dad's. John arrives with Jack's keys and reports, "Victor's dead."


Todd stands in the rain, on the docks, with his eyes closed. He takes out a gun and stares at it. "Hold it right there," a man calls out. It's Louie, the homeless man who helped Todd. They catch up since the first time they met. Louie stops Todd from throwing the gun in the river. Todd has good reason to get rid of it. Louie talks about fighting in Vietnam. He'd never shoot another gun again but brings up John's cash for guns campaign. Louie could get one-hundred bucks for it. It's not like Todd used it to shoot another man or anything. Todd hands over the gun and tells Louie his name, "Todd Manning." Louie pulls out a newspaper and points out Victor, the guy who stole his life. Louie comments on the two of them going around claiming they're Todd. "Not anymore," Todd replies.


At the diner, Dani and Destiny listen as Mrs. Evans rants about Nora convincing Destiny to have the baby. Mr. Evans reminds his wife Nora apologized. Nora and Bo appear. Nora's happy to see Destiny's taking care of herself. Mrs. Evans assures her Destiny is seeing Vivian. Nora plans to be very involved in their grandchild's life. Bo tries to minimize the tension. Mrs. Evans announces that Destiny and the baby will be staying with them. Mr. Evans promises they can see the baby whenever they like. Nora wants to speak for Matthew and hands them a paper, spelling out Matthew's rights. Mrs. Evans feels threatened. Nora tries to reiterate her intentions. After they argue some more, despite Bo and Mr. Evans trying to run interference, Mrs. Evans refuses Nora's help. She feels for Nora but won't let her replace Matthew with Destiny's baby. Nora snaps. Dani warns everyone is upsetting Destiny, who sticks up for Nora. After Dani leaves, Mrs. Evans warns Bo and Nora that they'll only deal with them through their lawyer.


Dani arrives at the Manning Estate. A cop tries to stop her from entering. Dani rushes in, sees the body bag and asks, "Who is that?"

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

A few Llanview citizens look guilty of pulling the trigger.

Rex and Shane appear to be lying.

Baz is upset with Tomas.

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