Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006

Dorian gets a ransom call, Evangeline wants more from Cristian, Starr's secret is out and Blair asks Spencer for the truth…


Robin Strasser

Bruce makes a call to Dorian, demanding she pay him 10 million bucks to get Adriana back! Dorian wants to talk to Adriana, but Bruce tells her no, to pay up! Bruce goes to Adriana, explaining he's keeping her hostage for money. Adriana wants to know what the butterfly meant. He tells her he had to make it look as though she was being stalked, that he was getting paid for it. When Adriana wonders why someone would pay to have her stalked, Bruce suggests she ask her mother! Adriana just can't accept that her mother would hurt her like this. Bruce tells her that Dorian never planned that he would hold Adriana for ransom. She still doesn't believe Bruce, says Rex will find her. Bruce sends Rex a text message from Adriana saying she hates him, to leave her alone, she never wants to see him again!

When Cristian asks Evangeline if she has any regrets, she says she wants more, long-term, forever. Cristian tells Evangeline that he loves her, but can't move forward until he wins his upcoming title fight, until he feels he's become 'someone,' wants to be known as anything but an ex-con. Cristian takes Evangeline to the gym to show her how he trains, tells her his hand is healed.

After having spent the night with Starr, Todd wakes up next to his daughter's hospital bed. When Todd explains that Blair left to go 'do' some things, Starr makes a remark about Blair 'doing' Dr. Truman! Starr covers her tracks, but Todd isn't buying it. He comes right out and tells her he knows she's pulling a scam in order to get him and Blair back together, that it's a waste of time. Starr tells Todd she knows about Blair's engagement, but says there's no way Blair loves Spencer. Todd makes a call.

Spencer and Blair go over the night's events. Spencer tells her she's the only one who's ever stood by him when everyone else tried dragging him down. He tells her that since the first moment he saw her, he knew he would do anything to get Blair to fall in love him! Blair wants to know exactly how far he went to make that happen. But the phone rings... It's John. Blair plays off the call for Spencer's sake, hangs up.

John's at the station, pestering David with more questions pertaining to Todd and Spencer, desperate to find a piece of evidence. Hugh enters the room, wanting to know why John wants a search warrant. He fills Hugh in, saying David's their only hope for finding the proof they need. John lets David go. David tells John not to let Spencer get away with his crimes. Hugh says he can't help John get a warrant until he gives him some evidence. Nora shows up, and John and Hugh ask her to call in a favor to her friend the judge and she agrees! Shortly after Hugh gives John a search warrant! Natalie asks John if they can bust Spencer with framing Todd, but not John's father's murder, will he still be after Spencer's blood?

Todd calls Blair, says he didn't tell Starr about her engagement to Spencer. Todd agrees, for fun, to keep Starr's amnesia secret from Blair. Blair arrives and Todd takes her out into the hall, wants to know if she changed her mind about marrying Spencer. Blair says no, but Todd doesn't buy her jumping into a marriage with Spencer. He wants to know what she's up to.

David pays Spencer a visit, tells Spencer it's only a matter of time before he's caught!

Next on One Life to Live: Rex tells David he's going to help prove Dorian set him up, John sees how much Evangeline loves Cristian, Spencer refuses to let Blair go, and Blair agrees to give Todd what he's after!


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