Ridding The World Of Victor.

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Blair reports her gun stolen, someone is shot, and Nora wonders how Bo feels...

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In his office, Bo and Nora agree not to give up on Matthew. Nora sees Gigi's exhumation order. Bo explains how Rex thought Gigi was alive and how Shane appeared at the cemetery. Nora knows how it feels to want something so much that you start to believe it's true. Nora feels bad for Shane and for helping to let Jack and his father get away with the crime. While looking over their mail, they find Matthew was invited to apply at Llanview University. Bo worries about missing all of the normal milestones. Nora suggests they have another child. Matthew's child. If Destiny agrees, Bo would love nothing more than to raise Matthew's baby with Nora.


Blair rushes out of the mansion, ordering Starr to call her if she sees Todd. James arrives and listens as Starr talks about things feeling right with her dad. She still feels a connection with Victor, who she'll always love and have in her life. Starr's glad her father didn't do the terrible thing she had such a hard time forgiving Victor for. James doesn't think it'll be easy getting Todd to accept him. Starr's sure he will, especially since Hope is James' new biggest fan. James finds Starr and Baz's completed demo. She plays it for James.


At Llanfair, Brody tells Liam he needs to take care of the bad guy. Victor's done many bad things. Brody wonders if any of them are enough to make him go through with ridding the world of Victor for good. He talks about killing before, in the war. Blair arrives and tells Brody about her conversation with Todd, which involved her offering up her gun. "Now the gun is gone," Blair reports. "So is Todd." Brody promises to look for Todd. Blair leaves, with plans to warn Victor that someone's out to get him. Later, Brody cocks his gun and leaves.


Rex removes the gun from the Buchanan Mansion safe but replaces it when Shane appears. Shane thinks Rex had Gigi's body exhumed because he was looking for a clue. Rex denies finding one. Shane lashes out. Rex promised Jack and his father would pay then never did anything. That's why he went to Brody for help. Rex promises he's working on something. It's no comfort for Shane to have Victor and Jack stripped of all of their money. They'll still be alive, and Gigi will be dead. Later, Rex and Shane separately approach the safe.


Tomas appears at The Sun to see Victor and wonders why he would go meet with Irene. Tea wonders what Tomas wants with Victor. Tomas wants Victor to leave town and never come back. Tea reminds Tomas that she's married to Victor. Todd's the one he wanted away from her. Tea's sure Victor will never allow Irene to control him again. Tomas knows desperate people do desperate things. He's afraid Tea and Dani will end up in the crossfire between Todd and Victor's war. Over talk of Blair, Tomas assures Tea she's chosen him, not Todd. "Now who's deluding themselves?" Tea asks and rants about how Blair always tries to tell her how to run her marriage. After Tomas leaves, Tea listens to Blair's message about Todd having her missing gun.


At the Manning Estate, Victor assures Jack that Todd's throwing around empty threats. Jack knows all too well that sometimes people end up dead, even when they're not supposed to. Victor knows he's talking about Gigi and begs Jack to put all of this behind him. Jack talks of the scholarship fund. Todd gives him the go-ahead, hoping it'll show Rex that the war is over. Blair arrives with a warning for Victor and begs him to go to a hotel. Victor refuses to run away. John may have saved Victor the last time he was shot, but Blair asks, "What happens if no one's there to save you this time?" Blair drags Jack away, begging Victor to at least call Shaun. He promises to. Later, just as Victor is calling Shaun, he turns around and says, "Oh my God. What the hell are you doing here?" Someone shoots Victor in cold-blood.


Blair and Jack return home. Blair orders Jack to bed. Jack again looks at the paper containing the information on the scholarship fund. Blair peeks in at James and Starr and smiles as they share a close moment.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Blair is up in arms when Jack goes missing.

Tea is devastated by what she finds.

Mrs. Evans insists that she, Bo and Nora only communicate through their lawyers.

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