Gunning For Victor.

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Blair urges Jack to open up, Victor tries to strangle Irene, and Jessica and Natalie rehash their resentment...

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Blair finds Jack at the mansion looking at a letter, asking for donations to the Gigi Morasco Scholarship Fund. Jack admits he wanted to do something to honor Gigi, who had gone back to college. Blair knows Jack feels awful for what happened to Gigi and urges him to open up. Jack brings up the man he considers to be his father and Scarface. When Blair hears Jack found Todd by the safe, she finds her gun gone. Blair makes some calls but can't locate Todd. Jack overhears Blair leaving Tea a message, claiming Todd probably has her missing gun.


At the Buchanan Mansion, Shane can't believe Rex had Gigi dug up. He wonders if the Mannings will ever pay for what they did to her. Later, Rex arms himself with a gun and vows to get justice for Gigi.


Outside of Rodi's, Kim nervously stares at a photo of her and Stacy. She makes a call to check in on 'her girl'. Kim knows her condition never changes and promises she'll pay the medical bill soon. Kim runs into Shaun. He can see Kim's as charming as ever, just like her old friend Stacy was. Kim snaps that Stacy is the best person she knows. Shaun's confused. Doesn't Kim mean 'was'? Kim likes to think of Stacy in the present. It helps her cope. Shaun brings up Gigi. Kim thinks back to being at her grave. Inside Rodi's, Dani vents to Destiny about Todd and Victor. She admits Starr warned that they can get dangerous if cornered. Shaun appears and announces he and Vivian are going on vacation. He drives the girls to the diner.


Jessica walks into Llanfair just as Todd hides the gun. He tries to take off, but Jessica keeps blocking his way. She knows he's up to something. Todd has somewhere to be and leaves. In the living room, Clint assures Natalie he doesn't know why Kim's back in Llanview. He warns that Kim's his friend. She isn't going anywhere. Natalie thinks maybe it's time for her to leave then. She can't imagine being there with that bitch walking around. Jessica appears, thinking Natalie's talking about her. As the women argue, Jessica sticks up for Kim and accuses Natalie of trying to control their father's life. Over talk of Brody, Natalie calls him in front of Jessica and makes plans to move out with him ASAP. Natalie leaves to pack. Clint pleads with Jessica to try with Natalie. Talk turns to Kim. Clint wishes he knew why she was back.


At The Sun, Tea wonders if Victor really wants to go to war with Todd. Victor vows to take Todd down first. He laughs when Tea suggests Victor get to know Todd. Irene calls and demands to see him. She promises to help Victor if he helps her. "You're not going to go over there, are you?" Tea asks. Later, Todd arrives and startles Tea, who admits Victor went to see Irene. Todd assumes Irene is going to send Victor after him. Tea doesn't think Irene's done with Todd. Doesn't he wonder why she really kept him captive all those years? Todd would rather use the time to get his family back. Later, Tea finds Todd suddenly gone.


Victor arrives at the station. John wonders what he's doing there. Irene notes that a son comes when called. Victor was always her favorite. John gives them a moment. Brody appears and tells John Shane's hell-bent on making Jack and his father pay. He looks at Victor and says, "Maybe there's a way we can make that happen." John assures Brody the next time Victor screws up, they'll be there. "What if that's not soon enough?" Brody whispers to himself. Nearby, Irene demands Victor get her out of there. She can't help him behind bars and reminds Victor how Todd's taking over his life. Victor was nothing before Irene, who claims she'll be the only one left who'll love him. Victor takes Irene in a hug then quickly starts strangling her! John breaks it up and orders Victor to leave. Victor looks at Brody then says he owes John something. John gets a call from the Feds, who're there to pick up Irene. After John drags her away, Victor warns Brody he's going to tell John the truth the next chance he gets. Brody places his hand on his gun as Victor walks away.

Later, Brody gathers Liam at Llanfair, talks about threatening Victor and says, "I can't let him tell John the truth. I can't lose you."


Jack finds Victor at the Manning Estate and warns Todd has a gun. Victor refuses to leave and promises Jack no one's going to get killed.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Nora wonders how Bo would feel about raising Matthew's child.

Blair reports her gun stolen to Brody.

Someone is shot.

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