Making The Mannings Pay.

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Shane wants Brody's help, Tea and Blair compare notes, and Rex is more determined than ever...

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Brody arrives at the Buchanan Mansion. Shane asks for his help in making the Mannings pay for what happened to Gigi. Brody admits he thinks Jack was involved. Shane suggests Brody set up a sting to prove it. Shane talks about how guilty Jack's been appearing. Shane hates Jack and the man he calls his father and wishes they were dead. Brody thinks back to threatening Victor. He knows how it feels to want to make someone pay but Gigi wouldn't want Shane seeking revenge. Brody promises he'll get justice for Gigi.


Natalie joins Rex at Gigi's gravesite. She sees the date of death scratched off Gigi's headstone. Though Natalie assumes some kids did it, Rex thinks Gigi's trying to send him a message that she's still alive. Natalie reminds Rex that their father has Gigi's heart. He knows it's crazy but plans to find her. Rex will let Natalie check him into St. Ann's if he's wrong. Natalie admits Jared appeared to her after his death. Though he disappeared, Natalie knows anything's possible. She vows to stand by Rex. After Natalie leaves, Rex puts his hand on the headstone and begs Gigi to keep sending him signs.


Rex runs into Bo's office and asks him to exhume Gigi's body. He needs to know if it's really her in the grave. Rex explains all of the signs and why he thinks Gigi's still alive. Bo wonders how this will make Shane feel. Rex plans to do this with or without Bo.


Later, Kim appears at Gigi's gravesite and places her hand on the scratched off area. The caretaker startles Kim. He thought she was a vandal and admits he's never seen someone scratch off a death date on a headstone. Kim's stunned to hear Rex is on his way. He just ordered an exhumation. The caretaker clears the flowers from the headstone and is surprised to find Kim suddenly gone. Bo and Rex appear with a crew. Bo gives the okay for them to start digging, as Kim nervously watches from the shadows. The coffin is lifted from the grave and opened. Rex looks at Gigi and can't make sense of any of this. Kim looks on confused. Shane appears and demands to know how Rex could disturb his mom's grave. Rex promises to explain and ushers Shane away. Once Gigi's reburied, Kim places flowers at her grave.


Todd barges into The Sun and orders Victor out of his office. The secretary appears and offers to call security. Victor refuses and dismisses her. Todd fires her! Todd gives Victor one more warning and places his hand on the gun. Todd's life or not, Victor won't give up his legacy. It's as much Victor's as it is Todd's. Todd holds up the nameplate that reads Todd Manning. Victor doesn't care about the name. He owns everything and asks his brother for ID to prove he's Todd. Todd gives Victor one more chance to leave.


Tea arrives at the mansion and discusses Todd and Victor with Blair. "Did you walk out on Victor?" Blair asks. "No," Tea replies. "I slept with him." Blair thinks it was pity sex, but Tea clarifies. She loves him. Blair brings up how Todd wanted to kill Victor and how she offered him a gun. As they argue, Blair reminds Tea that Todd has just as much right to everything that Victor has. Blair explains how she tried to use reverse psychology on Todd and assures Tea she put the gun back. Tea demands Blair open the safe and show her. As Blair opens the safe, Tea gets a call about the goings on at The Sun. Blair runs after Tea, leaving the door to the safe open.


Back at The Sun, Todd starts counting, as Victor talks about the kids accepting him. "If you want to get rid of me you're going to have to kill me," Victor says. Todd pulls out a gun then quickly hides it when Bo, Tea and Blair appear. Bo warns Todd until he proves he's Todd Manning in court, he needs to clear out. Later, Victor warns Tea he won't give up his life.


Blair brings Todd to Llanfair and warns him to stay away from Victor. She promises to get him a good lawyer. After Blair leaves, Todd takes out the gun and says, "I don't think I'll be needing a lawyer."


James answers his door to Starr, who's upset over Dorian's departure. She thinks back to how Dorian's always been there for her then vents about not realizing Victor wasn't her father. Starr remembers being the first person to believe Victor was her father with a new face. She hopes they can all move on but doesn't know if her Uncle Victor will ever be able to.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Kim's return causes Jessica and Natalie to rehash their resentment for each other.

Tea takes a call from Victor and ignores one from Blair.

Blair urges Jack to open up in regards to his guilt.

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