So, Is This Really Goodbye?

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Dorian says goodbye to Viki, David says goodbye to Bo, and Brody threatens Victor...

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At The Sun, Victor looks around the office and throws his Todd Manning nameplate. Brody appears, acknowledges that Victor isn't Todd but claims he's the man he wants to see. He demands Victor stay quiet about what Marty told him, that Liam is John's son. Victor reminds Brody that secrets don't stay secrets very long in Llanview. Brody threatens Victor. If he does anything to destroy what Brody has, he's a dead man. The secretary listens from the doorway then announces an upcoming meeting. After Brody leaves with one last warning, Victor looks at Liam's paternity results. He grabs his cell and scrolls down to John's number.


Natalie brings the blank tape back to John's office. She admits Delphina said whatever was on it will change people's lives and that the man she thought was her Uncle Todd knows exactly what it was. It was about Liam. Brody convinced her not to pursue it. Just as John starts to tell Natalie what Kelly suggested he do, Natalie gets a call about an apartment. She makes plans for her and Brody to meet there. John admits Kelly advised him to go after what he wants in life. He sees Natalie's doing just that, wishes her luck and leaves.


John runs into Brody out in the hallway. He sees John has the tape. John explains how Natalie returned it and told him what Delphina said. Brody admits he went to see Victor, who said he had no idea what Delphina was talking about.


In his office, Bo finishes up a call with Nora, who's visiting Matthew. There's been no change. David barges in. He's leaving town. Bo hugs David, his movie star son. David explains Dorian's opportunity. "My son could be the first husband." Bo jokes. They have to leave today, but David wonders who Dorian's with. Blair said she's with the most important person in her life. Who could be more important than David? Bo and David say their goodbyes.


Clint's stunned to see Kim at the Buchanan Mansion. She heard about his problems and wanted to be with him. Clint knows Kim didn't cheat on him. David forced her to leave. He wonders what was so bad that she had to leave him. She could've come to Clint. Kim didn't think so. Clint wonders what she's been up to. Stripping? "Looks like we've been up to stuff we're not proud of," Kim replies. Clint notices her boots. Kim loved it that he bought them for her. Clint still can't get over why Kim left a dead girl, Stacy, her boots. Kim couldn't stop thinking about Stacy being cold. "Why are you here?" Clint prods. Natalie appears and immediately throws Kim out.


Viki joins Dorian in her office. Dorian's in a hurry and has to leave. "Then this is goodbye," Viki says. Dorian agrees. The women start arguing over what Dorian did to Clint. Dorian thinks Viki should thank her. Charlie's out of her life and Clint's with her at Llanfair. Dorian slams the door shut and says, "Saint Viki has her man." She cries over how Clint left David to die. Viki doesn't minimize Clint's crimes, but claims he couldn't survive prison. Dorian will never forgive Clint or that Viki has come to his rescue. Viki tries to leave and finds the door jammed shut. Dorian can't believe they're trapped together again. They argue and settle on being frenemies. Dorian thinks Viki will be bored without her. Viki reminds Dorian she'll still be able to keep tabs on what she's doing. Viki apologizes for ever causing Dorian pain. Dorian's her friend, and Viki loves her. Dorian hates Viki for saying that. She wanted to be the bigger person by saying it first. They agree they'll miss each other. They toast goodbye and think back on old times, good and bad. As they share one last hug, David barges through the door. David refuses to allow Dorian to steal his best friend. Dorian kisses David for rescuing her then says to Viki, "So, is this really goodbye?" They shake hands. Viki hugs David goodbye then he follows Dorian out the door.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Another person vows revenge against Victor.

Shane wants Brody's help in making Jack pay for what he did to Gigi.

Gigi's body is exhumed.

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