The Nerve To Show Your Cleavage Back In Town.

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Clint and Kim come face to face, Joey wonders about his parents' future, and Dorian receives a surprise....

The Nerve To Show Your Cleavage Back In Town. image

Dorian enters her office and finds her Cramer girls yelling, "Surprise!" Blair, Starr, Kelly and Addie present her with a Dorian cake and a family album. The girls talk about how Dorian's going to be making history in Washington. They think Dorian will get along fine without them. Dorian wonders how they'll get along without her and decides she can't leave. Despite all of their problems, everyone assures Dorian they'll be fine. Dorian agrees to fulfill her dream. In tears, one by one, the girls thank Dorian… Kelly thanks Dorian for being the mother she never had. Addie thanks Dorian for always taking care of her and promises she'll watch over the Cramer girls while she's gone. Starr promises to teach Hope all of the things Dorian taught her. Blair trusts Dorian more than anyone for always telling her the truth, even when she didn't want to hear it. In turn, Dorian thanks them all.


David wonders what Kim's doing on his doorstep and says, "I never thought you'd have the nerve to show your cleavage in this town again." Kim returned to get Clint back. David reminds Kim of what she did in Kentucky. Kim claims she's a different person now. She knows Clint's broke but still wants him. She talks about David's riches and begs him not to ruin her chances with Clint. David agrees to stay quiet about what she did at the Spotted Pony. Kim hugs him. No one will hear about Kim's secret, not from David, anyway. Kim appears nervous. Later, Addie and Blair return and tell David Dorian stayed back to say goodbye to the most important person in her life.


Still at Asa's grave, Bo explains how all of Asa's kids let their own families down. Bo doesn't think he did right by Matthew. Renee calls Bo a fool. What happened to Matthew wasn't Bo's fault. Renee assures Bo Matthew will be back and that Asa was proud of all of them until the day he died. Bo announces he's going to be a grandpa. Renee bursts out laughing, thinking the proud parents-to-be are David and Dorian. Bo explains the baby is Matthew's.


Rex wonders what Clint's doing at the Buchanan Mansion. "I was aiming for a father/son moment," Clint replies then clarifies that he's there for Asa. Rex tries pushing Clint's wheelchair out. Clint puts on the brakes. He doesn't think Rex will throw him out, knowing how it feels to lose someone and want to keep them alive. "So," Rex asks. "How does this work?" Clint shows Rex the bourbon, as well as Asa's photo. Rex sets the photo, along with a glass of bourbon next to it on the mantle. He refuses to allow Clint to screw-up Gigi's heart and hands him some water. Bo appears in the doorway as Clint tells Rex, "Thank you, Son." Rex sees Bo. Clint wonders if he's going to arrest him. Bo pours himself a drink. He wishes Asa would've known Rex was his grandson. Though Asa sometimes hurt them, he was willing to admit when he was wrong about someone. Clint glances up. Bo toasts to Asa. Clint toasts to Bo. Rex allows them to finish up and claims he has something to do. Bo thanks him. After Rex leaves, Bo orders Nigel to take Clint home.


At Llanfair, Joey holds Clint's ankle monitor, wondering where he went. Viki checks the grounds. Clint's car is gone. Viki warns Joey they can't let Clint go to prison. Joey thinks Viki's amazing. After all Clint's done, she's still worried about him. Viki will always care about Clint. Joey suggests she still loves him. They belong together. Viki thinks Joey's stuck in a childhood fantasy of his parents getting back together. Joey denies it. Viki's the greatest thing that's ever happened to Clint. Joey thinks Clint's finally realizing it too. Clint appears and apologizes for worrying them. Bo let him off. Viki snaps at Clint then walks out on him. Clint knows she's just letting off steam and tells Joey, "We have a past together." Kelly arrives. Joey and Kelly promise Clint they'll visit with Zane. They say goodbye then leave, ready for the second chapter of their life. Clint's stunned when Kim walks through the patio doors.


Viki enters Dorian's office. The women exchange a tense stare.


Rex approaches Gigi's grave with flowers but doesn't feel closer to her. He asked Gigi for a sign and wonders why he hasn't seen her. Rex thinks maybe that's the sign. Maybe it's time for him to believe she's gone. He moves some old flowers away from her headstone and sees Gigi's date of death has been scratched off.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Brody threatens Victor.

Dorian says goodbye to Llanview and to the most important person in her life.

David says goodbye to his Pa.

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