We Need You, Pa.

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Bo goes to Asa's grave, Clint jeopardizes his future, and David makes a sacrifice...

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At an unknown facility, Kim sits at the bedside of her friend and talks about Rex being in Kentucky. Kim reassures that she didn't say anything and that Kyle and Fish are taking good care of Sierra Rose. Kim talks about what happened in Llanview and how Clint needs her. Kim worries about what he's been through and promises her friend will always be taken care of. Kim had every intention of taking care of Clint until David chased her out of town. She plans to return to Llanview and leaves, without taking the photo of her and Stacy that sits on her friend's bedside table.


At the mansion, Kelly finishes up a call with Joey, preparing for their departure. John arrives and hears the news. Kelly's giving Joey another shot and suggests John give Natalie one too. He reluctantly agrees to think about it. They say their goodbyes with a hug and promise to reach out to each other if need be. In the living room, David tells Dorian about his big movie deal in Sweden. Dorian's happy for David but relays her own news about going to Washington, D.C. Neither wants to give up their dream to go with the other. Dorian thinks one of them needs to make a sacrifice and says, "Well?" David's waiting for Dorian to say something too. Dorian pleads her case. They need more women in the senate. David wonders if she can fix his SAG insurance. Dorian promises she will. David insists on going with her. Dorian thinks twice and fears David would end up resenting her. David convinces Dorian that his career can wait. He's going with her. John interrupts and tells Dorian Irene's asked about her repeatedly. Dorian hardly knows Irene and claims she probably wants her to pull some strings for her. John wishes Dorian luck, looks at her and David and says they'll all need it. After Dorian's called away, Kim arrives and stuns David.


John enters his office, thinking about Kelly's advice in regards to Natalie.


Aubrey arrives at Llanfair and finds out Joey's going back to London. Aubrey hands over her engagement ring and hopes he'll be happy in London. Joey breaks the news that he's going with Kelly. She still wishes him the best. Joey insists she take the ring back and hugs Aubrey goodbye. Kelly arrives and sees them. Aubrey assures Kelly it's not what it looks like. Kelly doesn't feel threatened. In the living room, Viki finds Clint upset because Joey's leaving. Viki suggests Clint give Shane and Rex a chance. Clint objects and looks at a photo of Asa. He'll be seeing Asa before he plans to see Rex. Viki reminds Clint he's alive because of Shane's mother. They all look at the photo of Asa, who’s been gone four years. Clint orders Nigel to bring the car around. He wants to honor their traditional bourbon toast in Asa's memory at the Buchanan Mansion. Viki reminds Clint he can't leave Llanfair then goes to get the bourbon. Clint orders Nigel to move quickly and runs him down with his wheelchair. Soon after, Joey and Viki hear a beeping. They find Clint's ankle monitor.


Bo arrives at Asa's grave and says, "Good morning, Pa." He talks about having the arrest warrant for Asa on the day they found him dead. If there was some way Asa could come back to them, Bo would look the other way. He admits all the mistakes the family has made. They all need Asa right now, especially Bo. Renee appears and hugs Bo. They reminisce about Asa. Part of Bo is glad Asa isn't there to see what his son has done to their family.


Natalie visits Rex at the Buchanan Mansion. He fills her in on finding Kim at the Spotted Pony using Gigi's name. Natalie flips her lid and vows to keep Kim away from their father. Kim would put Clint's health over the edge. Rex thinks maybe he should make sure they reconnect. Clint's been looking for her. Natalie wonders what Rex will tell Clint, that Kim's back on the pole? Rex finally agrees to stay quiet about Kim. After Natalie leaves, Rex looks at Gigi's photo. He vows not to give up on her and asks for a sign. Clint appears.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Joey wonders if Viki and Clint's relationship will be rekindled while living under the same roof.

Clint and Kim come face to face.

Dorian receives a surprise.

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