The Hottest Dancer From Eternity.

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Rex finds Kim, Dani and Starr argue, and a gun is taken from Dorian's safe...

The Hottest Dancer From Eternity. image

Rex is stunned to hear Gigi, the hottest dancer from eternity, called to the stage at the Spotted Pony. He turns around and sees Kim. He sneaks toward the stripper-pole and holds out some bills. When Kim grabs them, Rex snaps his head up and demands to know what she's doing there. Why is Kim using the name Gigi? Kim reminds Rex it was Stacy's stripper name. She's using it to remember her by and wonders if Gigi plans to become a stripper, and will want to use the name, anytime soon. "Gigi's dead," Rex replies and explains how a psychic led him there. Kim becomes nervous when Rex brings up David telling him about the place. Rex assumes Delphina picked up on the Spotted Pony and related it to Gigi because Kim was using her name. Kim thinks that has to be the reason. She begs Rex not to tell anyone he saw her there. Over talk of Clint, Rex assures Kim he's still alive, thanks to Gigi, but he spent a lot of time trying to destroy his family. Kim apologizes for Rex's loss then leaves. Before Rex leaves, he sees a vision of Gigi, who urges Rex not to give up on her.


Later, Kim enters a hospital room and says, "Oh my God, girl, you'll never believe who came into the club tonight."


Jack catches Todd in Dorian's safe at the mansion. Todd slips the gun in his pocket, as Jack calls him scarface and threatens to call the cops. Todd pleads with Jack, who refuses to acknowledge Todd as his father. Jack knows Todd tried to give him away to nuns. He knows all about him and warns for Todd to stop trying to fool him. Todd snaps back at Jack then quickly apologizes. Jack throws Todd out, who whispers, "It's not his fault he's an obnoxious little brat." Todd blames the man who raised him. Victor. He handles the gun in his pocket then takes off. Back inside, Jack finds the safe empty.


At Capricorn, Starr and Dani reflect on their dad turning out to be their uncle. Starr feels she should've known and admits maybe she did. She recalls Victor hurting Cole, shoving her down the stairs and how he fell for Marty. Dani resents that Starr's only questioning Victor's actions now. The sisters argue back and forth, defending the man they believe to be their father. Starr defends Todd. Dani defends Victor. They finally stop and apologize. Dani and Starr can't imagine how Todd and Victor must feel toward each other.


At the Manning Estate, Victor reminds Tea she loves Todd. He fears he's lost everything, even Tea, and says, "You're free to go." Victor expects Tea to list off all of his crimes and lies. Tea thinks back to all of the bad things Todd did to her. Victor's not the man who she thought did all those things to her. Victor loves Tea and wonders if she loves him too. "I love you, Victor," Tea replies and promises he'll never lose her. After Victor and Tea head upstairs to make love, Todd arrives outside and finds the front door locked. He goes around back, enters the house with the gun drawn and runs up the stairs. Todd slowly opens the bedroom door and aims the gun at Victor, as Tea vows they'll survive this. Todd closes the door, takes the loaded clip out of the gun and leaves.


Jessica punches Ford at Llanfair then hands him a bag of frozen peas. Ford couldn't help but kiss her. Jessica reminds him so much of Tess. Jessica asks for Ford to respect her enough to realize Tess is simply a piece of her. Ford asks if they can forget the kiss. Jessica knows losing Tess is hard for Ford and suggests they shouldn't see each other anymore. He'll miss her, even if she is only Jessica. She admits she's enjoyed hanging out with Ford too. Ford's been great to talk to. Ford reluctantly agrees, for now, it's best if they keep their distance.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Clint jeopardizes his future with a daring move.

Bo goes to Asa's grave on the anniversary of his death.

David makes a sacrifice.

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