You're Up Next.

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Natalie's uncomfortable, Ford makes a bold move, and Cutter calls Aubrey by her first name...

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Rex and Natalie enter the Spotted Pony strip club. "Are you sure Gigi's spirit wanted you to come here?" Natalie asks. The manager mistakes Natalie for a new stripper and says, "You're up next." Rex stops the guy from pulling Natalie onstage. Over talk of Delphina's clue, Natalie fills Rex in on what she said about Todd and the tape. Rex urges her not to let it go. A stripper appears and invites Rex to go to a private room. Rex thinks Gigi's sending him another sign. Natalie convinces him otherwise and tries to get Rex to leave. He tells Natalie to go back to the hotel. He's going to stay for one drink. Natalie hopes he finds what he's looking for. When the next dancer is called to the stage, Rex is stunned to hear her name is Gigi.


Cutter finds Aubrey packing in their motel room. She wants to get away from him and resents Cutter asking her to go after Rex. As Aubrey walks toward the door, Cutter begs, "Please don't leave me, Christine." Cutter hasn't called her that in a longtime. Christine Karr, the girl he fell in love with… before they turned her into Aubrey Wentworth. They remember how in love they were back then. Until Cutter told her about his past and he found out about hers. She was in debt and agreeing to pose as his sister was her biggest mistake. Cutter wanted her to have everything she never had growing up, so he convinced her to take job after job. He never thought she'd fall for a mark. She tries to leave again. Cutter begs her to stay. She stays, only because she has nowhere else to go.


At the Manning Estate, Starr tells Tea, Dani and Jack that the man before them is their Uncle Victor Lord Jr. Victor claims he's the real Todd. The other guy's the fake. Starr objects and demands, "Stop!" Starr pleads with Tea to call Viki for proof. Tea calls Viki then hangs up. Viki confirmed what Starr said. Dani flips out on Victor. Tea explains that he was brainwashed. It wasn't Victor's fault. "I believed I was Todd Manning," Victor says. Jack will always think of Victor as his father. Victor turns to Dani. She had a hard time accepting him, now she doesn't have to. Dani cries. Even though he's not her father, she's still his daughter. Victor looks at Starr. Is she done with him? He feels like she's his daughter. Everything he did was because he loved her. How can't that be real? "You're not my father," Starr cries. "But I'll always love you." Victor holds Starr close. Jack and Dani huddle around them. Victor asks to talk to Tea alone. The kids leave. Tea makes it clear that she still loves him.


Over at the mansion, Blair puts Hope to bed and asks Todd why Starr let a complete stranger watch her daughter. Starr believed Todd the minute he told her the truth. Blair finally realizes he's Todd and shows him photos of the kids. In tears, he recalls how he would've been there for them had anyone realized he'd been missing. Todd sees a photo of Blair and Victor and says, "I should've been here for this, but he was. I lost eight years with my kids because of that bastard." How could Blair not know? He fought to get back to Blair. She should've never stopped trying to get back to him. Todd blames Blair for everything. Blair assures Todd he'll get his life back. It won't make up for the memories Victor has. Todd wants to kill his brother and refuses to let it go. Blair grabs a gun and tries using reverse psychology. If Todd's going to kill Victor, he should do it the right way. She reminds Todd of everything he'll lose if he kills Victor. Todd tries to grab the gun. Disgusted, Blair puts it back in the safe and leaves the room. Todd goes to the safe and opens it. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Jack calls out from behind him.


Jessica checks on Clint at Llanfair then joins Ford. Ford questions Jessica about Clint's freedom and names off his crimes. Jessica seethes for Ford to go rip Gigi's heart out of Clint if he wants payback. Ford realizes something's really bothering Jessica. She talks about her Uncle Todd and admits Brody and Natalie are really getting to her. Does Jessica still love Brody? She rants and stomps around the room. Ford can't help it. He sees Tess in Jessica's eyes. Jessica resents that and tries to throw Ford out. Ford kisses Jessica.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Dani and Starr argue over Victor and Todd.

Rex finds Kim at the Spotted Pony stripping under the stage name of Gigi.

A gun is taken from Dorian's safe.

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