What The Hell Are You Doing Here?

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Shane receives a visitor, Todd goes to Starr, and Brody hears about Delphina’s clue...

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At Capricorn, Cutter hears Rex making plans to head to Kentucky and orders someone over the phone to meet him there now. Rama arrives shortly and assures Cutter she didn't tell Rex about the Spotted Pony. She agrees if Rex starts asking questions down there things could get bad. People at the Spotted Pony probably don't remember what happened, but Cutter hasn't forgotten. Cris interrupts. Rama assures him she's fine. Cutter reminds Rama what he's done in Llanview is child's play compared to what he did at the Spotted Pony. Across the room, after Tomas kisses Blair, he tells her she's everything he ever wanted. He wants this Todd Manning mess to be over. She brings up his lies. He promises never to betray her again. Blair needs time and leaves. Tomas joins Cris, who assures him that Blair will give Tomas a chance.

Shane opens the Buchanan Mansion door and snaps, "What the hell are you doing here?" Jack talks about school starting and promises if Shane returns no one will bother him anymore. Shane doesn't believe Jack, who claims everyone will listen to him. Shane knows Jack's the leader and brings up his mother's death. Why didn't people follow him then? Jack tries to explain. Rex appears and orders Jack away. Jack assures Shane he meant what he said and leaves. Rex warns Shane he can't believe a word Jack says. He's a sociopath like his dad. Rex tells Shane he has to go out of town for a bit and promises to make everything okay again.


At Llanfair, Brody isn't happy to hear Delphina told Natalie that whatever was on the tape will change people's lives. Gigi knew what was on the tape and so does Todd. Brody debates the likeliness and stops Natalie from calling Todd. Brody convinces Natalie that Todd would never tell them the truth. He asks her to let it go. Brody wants to focus on them and their son. They talk about finding the perfect place to live. Brody leaves. He hopes Natalie stays away from Todd and vows to stop this. Natalie gets a call and agrees to go to Kentucky with Rex.


At the Manning Estate, Todd admits to Tea and Dani that Starr was right. He does have a twin. There's a Todd and there's a Victor. After Todd relays what Irene did, he says, "I love you guys so much." Dani worries he's not her dad. Victor claims he's Todd. The other guy is nobody. Dani rushes into his arms, relieved. He wants to celebrate and offers to take them on a vacation. They can leave tonight. After he calls Jack, Tea tells him she never had any doubts that he was the man she loved. Dani and Tea go to pack. Victor vows to hold on to his life and never let anyone take it away from him.


Starr answers the mansion door to Todd, who says, "I am your father. Todd Manning." He tries to explain what happened. Starr rushes into his arms. She doesn't need proof. Her father's home. Starr wonders how Victor could do this to her. Todd defends Victor. He was brainwashed and isn't taking this news well. Blair, Starr and Jack are what kept Todd going. Hope appears. Starr introduces Todd to his granddaughter. Todd asks to hold Hope. She takes to Todd, who notices how much she looks like Starr when she was Hope's age. There's only one Shorty, so Todd calls Hope Peanut. Todd plays with Hope and wonders if the evil witch Aunt Dorian's tried to ruin her life yet. Starr gets a call from Victor, who asks to see her now. Starr agrees to let Todd watch Hope. She owes Victor a visit. He was her father for eight years. Todd and Starr express how much they missed each other then Starr leaves. Blair appears and finds Todd playing with Hope. She smiles when he talks about the love of his life. Todd turns around and sees Blair.


When Starr arrives at the Manning Estate, Jack insists she owes them an apology. Scar face is a fake. Starr looks at Victor and wonders what he told them. Victor told them the truth. He's Todd Manning. Starr hears he wants to take them all on a vacation tonight and begs Tea not to go. "He's been lying," Starr says.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Ford makes a bold move after he's reminded of Tess.

Blair and Tea have it out with T.M. and Todd.

Cutter calls Aubrey by her first name and begs her not to leave.

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