You Are Todd.

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

The real Todd Manning is revealed, Spotted Pony causes a reaction, and Kelly and Dorian make decisions...

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Out in the foyer at Llanfair, Natalie explains to John why she needs to let Delphina see the tape. Natalie has faith in her abilities and needs to know what was on it. John gives Natalie permission to take the tape but orders her to return it to the evidence room as soon as the 'voodoo lady' is done with it. John enters the living room, as Irene continues, "It was time to send Victor in as Todd to do the work the agency needed." They had one problem. Mitch. They couldn't risk him finding out Todd had lived after Mitch left him for dead in the tomb. They fooled Mitch by giving Victor Mitch's brother, Walker Laurence's face and passed him off as Todd. Mitch got his brother back, and Victor got what was due to him as Todd. Irene looks at the man known as Todd and says, "You are my beloved Victor," then looks at T.M. and says, "You are Todd." Todd cries to Viki, "That's a lie. I know who I am." Todd orders John to get Irene out of there and snaps for her not to call him Victor. "It is your name," Irene replies then explains how Victor played his part until Starr recognized him as Todd. Irene congratulates Victor for being magnificent. John drags Irene away, who says, "Goodbye boys. In case you think this is the end of this, guess again." Viki tells Todd how sorry she is. "I know who I am," Todd replies and leaves. She looks at T.M. and smiles. "I told you so," T.M. replies then asks, "Can I have a hug." Viki holds the real Todd close.


Delphina arrives at Foxy Roxy's, looks at the ceiling and says, "That's sweet. She's with her baby daddy." Roxy reiterates that Natalie went to see Brody. "To get the tape," Delphina replies. Talk turns to the clue, 'Spotted Pony'. Delphina claims it'll prove to be important to Rex, as well as to others. Delphina gets a vision of a knife and the 'Have A Seat' guy, David. Just as Delphina gets a clearer vision of the 'Spotted Pony', Natalie arrives. The vision disappears. Natalie hands over the tape. Delphina drops it and snaps, "That's hot." Whatever was on the tape will change people's lives. The truth is out there. Roxy wonders if Delphina can ask Gigi if she knows anything. For some reason, though Delphina talks to dead people all the time, she can't reach Gigi. Delphina hears from Dr. Buhari, who can't break client/doctor confidentially. Suddenly, Delphina relays, "Todd knows." Delphina gets a call from Rex. He's seen Gigi again and asks Delphina to meet him.


At the Manning Estate, Tomas admits Irene's at Viki's with the two Todds. Blair and Tea want to go to Llanfair, but Tomas stops them. Tea tells Tomas Blair kissed her husband. They argue over Blair's motives until Tea screams for her to get out of her house. Blair orders Tomas to call her with news on who the real Todd is then leaves. Tea falls into Tomas' arms and cries, "What if he's not Todd?" Later, Todd arrives. Tea wonders what Irene told him.


Still at Capricorn, David reads Rex's printouts on 'Spotted Pony'. Rex explains Delphina's clue and accuses David of knowing what it means. Rex throws a Buchanan loyalty guilt trip on David and threatens to go to Bo. David orders Rex never to tell Dorian and admits the 'Spotted Pony' is a strip club in Kentucky. Across the room, Aubrey wonders why Cutter reacted to the words, 'Spotted Pony'. Cutter denies it and urges Aubrey to go after Rex. She refuses and calls Cutter out for trying to eavesdrop on David and Rex. David joins his agent, who has a new job for him. They're paying seven figures, but David has to leave for Sweden immediately. Delphina joins Rex, who explains what the 'Spotted Pony' is. Delphina thinks Gigi wanted him to bump into David. Rex has to go to Kentucky. Cutter overhears. Blair arrives with Tomas on her heels. He knows she kissed Todd looking for answers. She asks for his forgiveness. Tomas kisses Blair.


Over at the mansion, both Dorian and Kelly admit they're leaving Llanview. Dorian received a call from the Governor. She's going to Washington, D.C. as soon as possible to take over her party's senate seat. Kelly's proud of her and explains how she and Joey are moving to London to be close to Zane. Dorian's happy for her. Kelly and Joey were meant to be together. Kelly wonders if Dorian told David her news. No yet, but Dorian knows David will be thrilled for her and will love Washington.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Cutter confronts Rama about revealing secrets to Rex.

Natalie shares Delphina’s cryptic comment about Todd with Brody.

Rex wants Natalie to go to Kentucky with him.

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