I Hereby Sentence You To...

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Clint appears for his sentencing, David has information, and Baker rats out Irene...

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The window blows open at the Buchanan Mansion. Delphina asks if the restless spirit has a message from Gigi. Though Delphina doesn't know if the female spirit was Gigi, she relays the message: Spotted Pony. Neither Rex nor Natalie knows what that means. Natalie's stunned when Delphina gets another message about Natalie and Brody's unhappily ever after. When Delphina's called away, Rex rushes Natalie to the stables in search of the spotted pony. They come up empty-handed. Natalie apologizes for bringing Delphina there. She thought Delphina could give Rex some peace. "Not without Gigi," Rex replies.


At the hospital, as Mrs. Evans thanks Vivian for supporting Destiny, Destiny listens to a message from Nora, begging her to have Matthew's baby. Though Nora doesn't want to interfere, Destiny's carrying the only piece of Matthew they might have left. Mrs. Evans and Vivian appear to take Destiny to have the abortion. Destiny reconsiders and admits it's due to a message from Nora. Destiny sympathizes with the Buchanans. Nora promised they'd take care of the baby. Mrs. Evans resents Nora's interference. Vivian warns if Destiny wants the abortion she has to have it now or it'll be too late. Destiny decides to have the baby.


Jessica meets Viki at the courthouse for Clint's sentencing. They discuss Todd. Viki worries since Irene's dead John's their only hope of finding out the truth. Clint's wheeled in. The cop admits Clint's health landed him in the infirmary again. Jessica and Viki worry what'll happen if Clint's sent to prison. Viki wonders where Natalie is. Jessica mumbles that she's probably sleeping with Brody. Court is called to order. Clint is sentenced to Statesville for twenty years. Viki and Jessica protest. Clint's lawyer brings up his health. Clint laughs when the judge decides to let him live out his sentence, with an ankle monitor, in his home and says, "My son stole it from me." Viki offers to let Clint stay at Llanfair. The judge agrees. "I don't know how to thank you," Clint tells Viki, who replies, "Don't thank me yet. You're not my only houseguest." Later, Mrs. Evans arrives and slaps Nora hard across the face for messing with Destiny's life.


At Llanfair, just as T.M accuses Todd of ruining his life, David appears and says, "It wasn't that good anyway." T.M. remembers David and jokes about his fake tan. David wants to know who the fake Todd is since he plans to buy the rights to the real Todd for his next film. David plans to play the role of Todd and has a foolproof way to get the truth. David starts quizzing them. Both Todds finish each other's sentences as they reply. T.M. claims Irene's the only one who knows the truth, but she's dead. David brings up how Irene left her diary behind. He knows this from when David tried to pass himself off as Todd. Both Todds threaten David until he agrees to turn over the diary. David leaves. The Todds hope they can get answers. Todd stares at T.M. as he takes a bite out of a sandwich, clearly comfortable at Llanfair. David returns, turns over Irene's diary and says, "Looks like you two are going to have to learn how to share. Happy hunting."


Dani and Tea discuss the two Todds at the Manning Estate. Tea admits Todd's terrified of losing his family. Dani feels bad for walking out on her dad when Todd's always been there for her. What if Todd isn't her dad? Tea doesn't know what she'll do if that happens. She can't imagine her husband isn't the real Todd. Tea holds Dani close.


At the agency, John is dragged, unconscious, by two guards. They present him to another guard, who's ready to alert Irene. Brody and Tomas barge in, John fights back, and they take over the situation. John finds a file and sees Patrick Thornhart's being held there. Tomas is forced to admit Patrick isn't there anymore. He helped him escape. Tomas explains how he and Todd reunited Marty with Patrick. Brody becomes nervous when John recalls Todd taunting him about having a secret that would blow John away. They head to another area and knock out a guard who's about to 'take care' of a drugged Baker. They offer to set Baker free if he tells John who's in charge. "Irene," Baker whispers. Brody recalls that Irene Manning is dead. Baker warns they won't get to Irene without him. Baker uses his access to open Irene's office door. With guns drawn, John, Tomas and Brody barge in.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Mrs. Evans doesn't accept Nora's olive branch.

John brings someone from the past to Llanfair.

Blair and Tea argue after Blair admits she kissed Todd.

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