Where Is Gigi Hiding?

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Rex obsessively looks for Gigi, Madame Delphina returns, and Brody finds out someone else knows his secret...

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Natalie finds Rex looking through security footage at the Buchanan Mansion. Rex insists he saw Gigi and won't stop looking until he finds her. Natalie reminds Rex Gigi's gone. He's convinced Gigi needs him. Natalie wonders why Gigi would run away from him then. "She's in trouble," Rex insists. "I have to find her." Natalie makes a call, which results in a visit from Madame Delphina, who immediately confronts Natalie about not sorting out the issue with her son yet. Natalie disregards it. Delphina orders an old Texan spirit not to give her a hard time then listens as Rex claims Gigi is there. She's real. Delphina looks at the ceiling, talks to her 'peeps' then asks Rex to take her to where he's seen Gigi. They sit down and hold hands while Delphina summons Gigi. The window blows open. "Someone's here," Delphina says. "Is it Gigi?" Rex asks.


In his bed, James and Starr bask in the afterglow of their lovemaking. Starr has to pick up Hope and admits she's dreading the DNA results. Starr talks about T.M.'s emotional response to Hope. She remembers that look of love he had in his eyes from when she was a kid and doesn't think anyone could faked that. She has no idea what to do if T.M. turns out to be her father and wants to turn off her mind to it. James and Starr make love again.


After a massage at Serenity Springs, Vimal and Rama celebrate their reunion with a kiss. Vimal reluctantly allows Rama to talk to Cris before they leave. Rama approaches Cris and explains how she and Vimal got back together. She's sorry for playing with Cris' emotions but now knows Vimal's the man she wants to be with. She wishes Cris the best in life. Across the room, Vimal joins Brody and admits Todd knows Liam isn't his son. In fact, Todd told Vimal about it, but Todd has no interest in telling John, his enemy. Brody worries. Todd's unpredictable. Vimal joins Rama and Cris. Rama urges Cris to go find someone to wrap 'Llanview's best arms' around. "As long as it's not my wife," Vimal says.


Todd arrives at the mansion with a copy of The Sun reading, "I Am Todd Manning." He demands Blair help prove to everyone that he's not an imposter. Todd screams for Starr, but Blair claims she left early. He rants that Blair and Starr should know he's Todd just by looking in his eyes. What does he have to do to convince Blair? "This," Blair says and kisses Todd. Blair admits she felt something when T.M. kissed her, like a feeling only brought on by the love of her life. She wanted to put Todd to the test. "How'd I do?" he asks. The kiss felt familiar to her, but why wouldn't it since she was married to him? Todd stomps off. Blair thinks back to kissing T.M., Todd and Tomas.


Jessica comes face to face with T.M. at Llanfair. Viki told her about the man running around with her Uncle Todd's old face. "You look exactly like him, but who are you?" Jessica asks. T.M. fills Jessica in on his captivity, all the way up to the DNA results. After T.M. reminds Jessica she was always his favorite, she questions his true identity. T.M. takes offense and laughs when Jessica tells him about her D.I.D. and how Todd helped her when she was Tess. "His behavior was off," Jessica admits. T.M. is furious that no one questioned Todd's strange actions, especially him falling in love with Marty. Talk turns to Jessica's troubles with Natalie and how Tess locked her in the basement. T.M. offers to talk to Natalie. "You take care of your twin," Jessica says. "I'll take care of mine." Jessica leaves to spend time with her kids. T.M. wishes he could do the same. Later, Todd barges in, calling out to Viki, and finds T.M. making himself at home.


Tomas enters John office, asking for help. He promised Blair he'd get to the bottom of the two Todd Mannings. Tomas wants a future with Blair. John admits he put a tail on Baker and receives a call about his whereabouts. He's at a military compound in Louisiana. John hangs up and says to Tomas, "You're coming with me." He asks about Tomas, Todd and Baker shipping Marty off. Tomas admits she found out things about him and Todd. He has no idea where they sent her. Over talk of their trip, Tomas says they need one more guy to go with. John calls Brody. When Brody arrives, John and Tomas brief him about their upcoming raid.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

The two Todds face off.

David has some information that could help in regards to the Todd Manning mystery.

Clint appears for his sentencing after an unpleasant night in custody.

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