The Most Beautiful Thing That Ever Happened To Me.

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Starr and TM have an emotional talk, Todd is angry when his loved ones doubt him, Destiny makes a choice, and John has an idea regarding the DNA test results.

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Dani and Shaun wait outside a hospital room for Destiny. Shaun is angry that Matthew is not around to help, but Dani points out it isn't his fault and she has them for support. Destiny emerges and just wants Dani to come in, but Shaun pleads for them to not keep secrets and be a part of it. She relents. Vivian wants them to understand if Destiny decides to terminate her pregnancy, it must happen immediately. Shaun becomes agitated upon hearing that Destiny would consider an abortion. Vivian sends Destiny and Dani to wait outside and hands a hyperventilating Shaun a bag to breathe into. She laughs he is the biggest baby of all. They embrace, as Shaun laments Destiny's tough road that lies ahead.


In the hospital lobby, Destiny cries that every decision seems like the wrong one. Dani offers to go over all the options. They discuss adoption, but Destiny thinks it would be weird to watch someone else raise her baby. Destiny thinks Starr is doing a great job as a young mom, but Dani reminds her that Starr has a lot of help. Destiny sighs she knows what she has to do, but dreads telling Shaun.


Walking through the park, Tomas tells Blair she will know who the real Todd Manning is when the DNA results come in. She tells him patience is not a virtue of hers. He isn't thrilled when she wants to go to Todd's house and hear his version of the story. Tomas brings up her kiss with TM again and thinks it meant something to her. He hopes he can break the cycle of her always gravitating back to Todd. Blair can't give him an answer until she knows the whole story.


Todd is shocked when Jack comes home and reveals that Starr doubts he is her father. Todd asks where Tea stands, but she remains silent. She changes the subject to the DNA test. Todd knows he will pass it. Tea offers to go so he can avoid another confrontation with John. As she leaves, Blair and Tomas arrive, but Todd orders Tomas out. Blair sends Jack away, and Todd gets defensive that she doubts him.


In his office, Viki tells John that T.M. stabbed her in the heart when he said she was the one person who could help him. She feels she has betrayed him by welcoming an imposter. John thinks the real question is how someone like her can go to bat for someone like him, no matter who he is. Viki believes his feelings about Todd are justified, given Marty's rape. However, once she learned he was her brother, she found him a kindred spirit, as both were damaged by their father. John points out she isn't a sociopath, but Viki believes he is a human being capable of love. John isn't buying it and reveals that Todd paid to cover up Jack's murder of Gigi. Viki can't ignore that, but won't turn her back on him, either. Before John gives her the DNA test results, Tea barges in and orders him not to open it. Viki pleads that they need to know the truth. Tea agrees, and John has an idea.


In jail, Starr wants to test T.M. to prove who he is. She begins to rattle off questions, all to which he answers perfectly. She pulls out the unauthorized Todd Manning autobiography and thinks he read it and cheated. He claims he has never seen the book. Starr cries that her real dad wouldn't have stayed away from her for so long. After dropping her purse, he hands her a stuffed frog through the cell bars. She tells a shocked TM that it belongs to her daughter, Hope. She softens and explains her accidental pregnancy at sixteen, but asserts Hope is the most beautiful thing that happened to her. He cries, "There you have it, I know exactly how you feel." He then turns the subject to the lowlife who knocked her up. Hope reveals, Cole, Marty and Patrick's son, is the father. TM is shocked he has a granddaughter with Marty's son. He asks to see a picture of Hope, and Starr reluctantly shows him. He tearfully says that she has Starr's smile. He tells her, "The first time Viki put you in my arms you smiled like this, and it was the first time the sun came out." John interrupts their discussion and asks both TM and Starr to come with him.


A terrified Tea and Viki return to Todd's, as John arrives with Starr and TM. John tells an annoyed Todd, "We're going to find out who the real Todd Manning is."

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Nate tells Dani he confessed to Bo and wonders if he'll be made to pay for hurting Matthew.

Vivian informs Destiny she needs parental permission for the abortion.

John reveals to everyone who the real Todd Manning is.

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