Only I Would Know.

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

T.M. pleads with Viki, Starr and Jack clash over Todd and Tea and Todd have an emotional confrontation.

Only I Would Know. image

Starr finds Jack in the park and wonders why he hasn't returned her calls about Todd and T.M. Jack insists he doesn't know who T.M. is and doesn't care. Starr reminds him that she knew how Todd used to be and wants to figure it out together. Jack is angry that Starr is betraying Todd after what he did for him. He admits that Todd got him out of trouble for killing Gigi. Starr thinks Todd has done some violent and questionable things that the dad she knew would never have done. Jack angrily tells Starr to leave him out of everything and stomps off.


T.M. stares at Viki through his cell bars and with a grin says, "Hi sis." A startled Viki asks who he is. He wonders how she doesn't recognize her own brother. Viki refuses to believe he is her brother. T.M. explains how he was locked up for ten years and tortured before he escaped. He was looking forward to getting his life back, but returned home to an imposter. He asserts that Viki, of all people, should know him. Viki is even further thrown when T.M. rattles off memories only the two of them would know. He tenderly talks of how Viki taught him to be a better father and man. Viki yells that it is crazy, but T.M. pleads that she always saves him. He cries that she has to believe him, because if she will, everything will be okay. Viki chokes up, but promises to get to the bottom of it before leaving.


At home, Todd wonders how Tea can question if he is an imposter. A disoriented Tea admits she went to see T.M. in jail. A tearful Tea can't look Todd in the eyes. He begs her to look at him and tell him she believes him. Tea doesn't understand how T.M. could know so much personal information. Todd chalks it up to the Internet, and then rattles off other personal details only they would know, including conceiving Dani. An upset Tea screams at him and demands that he tell her everything. Todd claims that Baker wanted him to launder money and use his business as a front, as a favor for his country. He insists that he got out when Tea got sick, but Baker won't let it go. Tea still doesn't know how T.M. factors into it all. Todd buries his head in his hands and can't give her answers he doesn't have. He thinks T.M. might be an assassin before yelling that Tea is playing right into their hands and begs her not to let them do that. Jack interrupts and boasts that he believes Todd and will always be on his side.


Tomas meets Blair in the park. She wants him to tell her everything he knows about the two Todd's. He asks if the kiss T.M. gave her was from the man she loved or an imposter. Blair denies it is about the kiss, but about her kids and they need to know who T.M. is. Tomas hopes she can forgive him once he tells her everything. He explains that the man he worked for, Baker, went rogue and was conducting unethical experiments. Blair gets chills when Tomas reveals he was an assassin. Handing over a picture of T.M., he says Baker claimed he was funding terrorists. He came to Llanview eight years ago to take Todd out, but someone got to him first. Blair is disgusted that he left Todd with people who wanted him dead. Tomas then reveals that T.M. was holding their wedding picture when he found him. He wanted to make things right and left the CIA and came to Llanview to make sure everyone was okay. Blair demands to know who the real Todd Manning is. Tomas isn't sure.


John summons Baker into his office and asks him what he knows about Todd Manning. Baker denies knowing anything. He insists that T.M. is a loose cannon and a dangerous man. CIA agents burst into the office and demand to take Baker with them. John looks over the court order, as they also demand he release T.M. to them. John wonders why they had T.M. in jail for eight years for no apparent reason. Baker asserts a judge will order him to release T.M. After Baker leaves, an officer enters with DNA test results. Viki enters John's office and asks who the man in the jail cell is. He hands her the DNA results and says, "I think the answers you are looking for are right here."


T.M. is overjoyed when Starr arrives in jail to see him. "Hi Shorty," he smiles. He cries he is so happy she believes him. Starr retorts he might know her nickname, but wonders what else he knows.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

T.M. and Starr have an emotional moment after he finds out she had a baby.

Todd becomes upset to hear Starr and Tea doubt him.

John finds out who the real Todd Manning is.

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