My Life Is A Sham.

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Tea visits T.M. in jail, Bo confronts Nate, and Nora won't let Clint take the fall for murder.

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At Bo's house, David informs him he got his gum from Nate. Bo realizes Nate was the one who attacked Matthew. He explains finding a similar gum wrapper at their house while retracing Matthew's steps. David boasts that Bo is lucky he has a son with no scruples and he will take care of Nate, but Bo orders him to back off and asks him to keep quiet for Matthew's sake. David thinks Bo can find Nate at Dani's house.


An overjoyed Rex cries out Gigi's name when he sees her standing behind him. He frantically chases after her when she disappears. Echo finds a crazed Rex running through the house crying for Gigi. She tenderly points out that Gigi would not have run away from him and he hasn't been sleeping well. Rex insists he is not crazy. A tearful Echo reminds him that Clint has Gigi's heart. She thinks he might need professional help, but he continues to come up with scenarios for how Gigi might still be alive.


Nora tells the court that they cannot charge Clint with murder because he did not kill Eddie Ford. The judge wonders who did kill him. Nora cannot give him a suspect's name because they are out of the jurisdiction. The judge finally relents, but wonders why Clint confessed if he didn't do it. A tired Clint explains he has caused a lot of pain for Bo and Nora, and wanted to make amends. For the remainder of the charges, Clint pleads guilty. The judge orders Clint to wait in jail until sentencing. Before he is taken away, he tells Nora she didn't have to let him off the hook. Nora didn't want to fix one wrong with another. "Don't you just want it to be over," Clint asks. She replies, "More than anything."


Trying to get Nate to leave her house, Dani agrees to keep his secret. Todd emerges and wonders what they are hiding. Todd eggs Nate on with porno names before ordering him to leave. Dani tells an angry Todd he has kept secrets from her, too. He is disgusted she compared him to Nate, a punk. Dani won't back down and claims he has done worse. Nate doesn't want to cause any more trouble and leaves. Todd warns him he will kill him if he returns. Dani tells Todd he can't protect her forever and has to let her go. He says he never will. She assures him she can handle it, but appreciates having a safety net.


As Nate is leaving Dani's, he becomes pale when faced with a stern Bo. Chewing Nate's gum, Bo offers him some before asking if he likes it. He replies that he does. Bo reveals he and Nora found a similar wrapper at their house. He goes onto say that he isn't jumping to conclusions, but they just want answers. Nate admits he is Matthew's attacker. A desperate Nate wishes he could take it back, and didn't mean to hurt him. Bo wonders why Matthew made him so mad. He explains that Matthew admitted to killing his dad, and he lost it. He asks Bo what happens next.


At home, Blair looks at her wedding picture with T.M.'s face. She flashes to T.M. passionately kissing her. Dorian enters and asks why she looks like she has seen a ghost. Blair explains how much T.M. looks and acts just like Todd. She thinks if she has been so wrong, her life is a sham. David returns and they fill him in on T.M. and Todd. David wants to watch his movie, but Blair isn't into it. Instead, she calls Tomas and asks him to tell her everything he knows about both Todd's.


T.M. is overjoyed when Tea arrives in jail to see him. She informs him she is there to protect her husband, Todd, not help him. She becomes angry when he says, "Come on Delgado." Tea tells T.M. he is a fraud, but he boasts she is unsure of Todd. He then reminds her about their romance on the beach. A rattled Tea congratulates him for doing his homework and insists it is no secret that Danielle was conceived on an island. He spins off more trivia and apologizes for the way he treated her. He asks for her to accept him and puts his hands out through the bars, but Tea walks away.

Bo arrives in court and Nora explains how she let Clint off the hook. He tells her he discovered who attacked Matthew.


Tea returns home and Todd asks where she has been. A disheveled-looking Tea asks, "Are you an impostor?"


Viki walks through the jail to make sure Clint has everything he needs. She is stunned when she sees T.M. sitting in a cell.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

T.M. pleads with Viki to believe he's her brother.

Starr challenges T.M.

John puts a tail on Baker after being forced to let him go.

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