I Don't Know What To Do.

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Rex doesn't know how to move on, Dani is torn over Nate, and a guilty Nora prepares to face Clint in court.

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Joey and Kelly return to Dorian's from their trip. They are surprised to learn from David and Dorian that the movie premiere ended in a scandal. Kelly can't believe Echo walked away from the charges. Dorian claims she is taking the high road. David then asks them to see his movie, but they opt to leave for Clint's arraignment. David thinks they should go to Bo's, but Dorian advises him to go alone. David tells Dorian she is rip-roaring hot for letting him go have family time with Bo.


Ford barges into Nate's restaurant and asks him what he was thinking by making a porno. Nate informs him that Rick knew what he did to Matthew. He goes onto say he wanted Matthew to pay for killing their dad! Ford still thinks the movie was sleazy. Nate further shocks Ford when he admits that he told Dani everything. Ford advises him to see what Dani's next move will be. David interrupts them and makes fun of Nate's acting. He then asks if he can have some of his gum. Nate rolls his eyes before handing it over.


At home, Bo and Nora discuss throwing the book at Clint. A distressed Bo asserts they know Clint can't spend the rest of his life in prison for something he didn't do. Nora can't bear to send Matthew to prison when he returns to them. She prepares to leave for court and Bo promises to keep investigating Matthew's attacker. As Bo ponders the evidence, David arrives with a breakfast burrito and his movie to screen. A reluctant Bo agrees to watch. As David sets up the movie, Bo is alarmed when he see's David's gum. David informs Bo he got it from Nate.


Destiny arrives at Danielle's with a tabloid and tells her there is a lot more about Nate that she doesn't know. She explains how she thinks Nate attacked Matthew because she saw the same gum wrapper on Nate as at the attack scene. An upset Dani informs Destiny she already knows because Nate confessed everything to her. She doesn't know if she can tell Matthew's parents. A freaked Destiny breaks down and drops the bombshell that she is pregnant. Dani wonders what she will do, but before Destiny can answer, Nate shows up to talk. Dani doesn't know if she can forgive Nate, but promises to keep his secret.


Viki wheels Clint into court. He discusses going to jail and claims he isn't worried about his children, but is worried about Rex. Viki points out Rex is grieving, but Clint thinks Rex is on a dark path and Shane needs his father. Viki tells Clint it matters to her whether or not he goes to jail. Kelly and Joey arrive to show their support. As the proceedings begin, the judge goes over his charges. Clint declines to make a statement. Before pleading guilty to all charges, a guilty Nora interrupts! The court is shocked when Nora wants to remove the murder charge.


Shaun and Vivian discuss Destiny's situation at the diner. He believes he should be the one to help Destiny. Vivian wants to proceed with caution and wonders what he will tell her. Shaun ponders how a child can have a child of her own. Taking Shaun's hands, Vivian points out that Destiny is nearing the end of her first trimester and has to make a decision soon. She offers her support and love. Shaun wonders how he got so lucky. They are surprised when Destiny arrives to talk with them. Shaun embraces her as she shares her secret with him.


Echo arrives at Rex's home to thank him for convincing Dorian to drop the charges against her. A tired Rex tells her that Gigi was with him last night. She is confused, and Rex claims he saw Gigi outside and ran to chase her before wondering if he is crazy. Echo thinks it is normal to see Gigi everywhere he looks. A sad Rex wishes it had been Gigi. She changes the subject to getting back at Dorian, and Rex reveals he almost committed murder. He explains how he saw Todd blow off Gigi's death while walking the red carpet, but didn't shoot him because he got a text message from Shane saying he missed him. A forlorn Rex knows Gigi is gone, but doesn't know how to go on without her. Echo tenderly reminds him Shane can help him get up and through the day. She steps away to answer a knock at the door. It is Dorian, who warns her that freedom comes with a price. Echo retorts to bring it on. Back inside, Rex utters, "It's you and me forever Morasco." He is shocked to see a glowing Gigi behind him!

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Tea confronts T.M. and finds his memories of their past life difficult to ignore.

Viki lays eyes on T.M.

Rex sees Gigi again.

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