A Lone Fiber

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

Natalie finds evidence at the scene of the crime, Blair tells Antonio that she doesn't know who Spencer's killer was, Marcie wakes up and finds Michael gone, Rex is told that he's in major trouble, and Marty demands to know what happened from Cole & Starr...

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At the hospital, Rex asks Bo if he thinks that he killed Spencer. Bo warns Rex to stay quiet and says that all the evidence is pointing straight at him! Todd shows up to hear that Spencer is dead. "No fooling, Who did it?" After Todd sees CSU bring out the bloody wedding dress, Bo tells Todd what Spencer did to Blair and Todd rushes to Blair's room.


As Rex explains what happened, Bo scolds Rex for picking up the murder weapon! Although Bo agrees to help Rex any way he can, he advises Rex to get a lawyer. "What were you doing in that room?" Bo asks. "I was looking for Todd to give him a follow-up on a case. I screwed up!" Rex doesn't want to make his job personal and tells Bo to arrest him for murder! Although Bo doesn't believe that Rex killed Spencer, he demands to know what Rex has to do with the Manning's and Spencer Truman! "I can't tell you, Bo. You're going to have to trust me." Screaming mere inches from his face, Bo once again demands the truth! After Rex refuses to give Bo what he's looking for, they leave to go to the station

Kneeling next to Spencer, a detective states the cause of death: Multiple stab wounds. "I guess someone really wanted to see this guy dead."


As Cole is comforting Starr, Marty shows up and Cole informs her that Spencer is dead! Although Cole tries to explain why they were at the hospital, Marty is furious that he and Starr got involved! "You're on probation, Cole!" When Marty finds out that Starr doesn't know where Todd is, Starr questions whether she thinks that Todd killed Spencer!

Rushing to John's side, Michael tells Natalie, "We need to get him out of here." "Yeah, we do," Natalie agrees. "Spencer's dead and we all know who did it, don't we!" Natalie tells them that she's staying behind and Michael helps John out of the hospital Natalie vows to save John!

Awakened by Tommy's cries, Marcie calls out for Michael. "Where are you?" Not finding him, Marcie goes downstairs and finds that Roxy hasn't seen him either and heads back upstairs. As Roxy goes into bathroom, Michael and John walk in with Michael's cell ringing! "Who's that?" Roxy calls out. Michael sends John upstairs and stays back to face Roxy who tells him that Marcie is looking for him. Michael heads upstairs


As Blair comes to in her room, Antonio goes to her side. "Spencer's dead, Blair. Do you know who killed him?" When Todd enters the room, Antonio pulls him aside and says that he can't question Blair with the number one suspect in the room! "Are you kidding?" Todd asks. Antonio finally gets Todd to go outside and Starr rushes to his side. "I know who did it." Starr goes on to explain how Rex was found at the crime scene.

When Marty insists to Cole that she doesn't want him to see Starr again, Cole refuses, says he likes Starr and is happy that Spencer is dead! "It's the best thing that's happened to us since we arrived in Llanview!" Marty looks to her son with worry

Natalie arrives at the crime scene, puts on rubber gloves and enters the room as a forensic student. "I'm here to help." The detective agrees to allow Natalie to 'observe' while they work the crime scene. As Natalie leans down by Spencer's body, she sees a fabric on his shirt that looks an awful lot like the ones used in John's scarf! After covering up her initial shock, when the coast is clear, Natalie reaches down with a tissue, snatches the evidence and stuffs it in her shirt!


With relief, Michael enters John room. "It's finally over," Michael says. "Now we can have some peace." However, neither feels any better at the moment. Michael hugs John, then goes to be with Marcie. Before Michael walks out the door, John says, "Dad would've been proud of you tonight. You did good."


In the hallway, Michael runs into Marcie! "Michael? What's going on?" The two go back to their room and Michael gives Marcie the excuse that he was at John's room because his brother couldn't sleep.

Paige emerges from Blair's room and informs Todd that a rape kit proves that Spencer didn't rape Blair.

Inside Blair's room, she tells Antonio that although she couldn't see who killed Spencer, it appeared that the person did it to save her!

Natalie goes to John's and tells him that she was at the crime scene. While John lays down to go to sleep, Natalie goes into the living room, pulls out the fabric and compares it to John's scarf... "John, what have you done?" Natalie asks herself

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Michael makes a confession to Marcie.

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