I'm Todd Manning And I'm Home.

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Todd's family demands answers, Rex is faced with a shocking vision, and Nora and Bo try to figure out who hurt Matthew...

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John approaches Baker in his room and asks, "Where's the guy that was here?" Baker warns John to mind his business. There are people involved in this with more power than John. John refuses to forget about the two Todd Mannings. John orders Baker to be locked up. T.M. has Baker's gun. Baker urges John to find him.


At The Palace, everyone is stunned to see T.M., who says, "I'm Todd Manning, and I'm home." From behind a curtain, Rex aims a gun at Todd's family. A text from Shane stops Rex from shooting anyone. Starr approaches T.M., raises her hand to his face and whispers, "Dad." T.M. assures Starr he's real and warns that Todd isn't. Blair approaches next. T.M. doesn't know where or why but he was locked up. The idea of coming home to Blair, Starr and Jack kept him going for eight years. Todd blames T.M. for Sam's kidnapping and for knocking out Jack. T.M. didn't recognize Jack. "Starr… Shorty," T.M. says. "You believe me, right?" Jack doesn't. Starr doesn't know what to think. Todd blocks T.M. from approaching Tea. Blair asks why Tomas said Todd wasn't the real Todd Manning. John appears and tries to take T.M. away. He refuses, pulls a gun on Todd and warns, "That man is not going to live one more moment of my life." Todd taunts T.M. by calling him crazy. John finally talks T.M. down, who hands over the gun. John informs that Baker's in custody. Todd comments on what good friends T.M. and John are then demands T.M. be arrested. Todd's had enough and orders Tea, who's staring at T.M., to leave with him. Before they go, Todd assures Starr and Jack he's their father. Once Todd's gone, T.M. promises sooner or later, Starr will believe he's her father. He shows Blair their wedding photo and reminds her what she told Starr by Dorian's pool, how Blair had never been so happy. T.M. kisses Blair then says, "I dare you to ever forget me." He hands her their wedding photo then leaves with John. Blair holds Starr and Jack and breaks down in tears.


Rex arrives at the Buchanan Mansion and holds a photo of Gigi. He can't believe he was going to kill someone. Rex just wants the pain to go away. He wants justice but doesn't want to kill anyone. Rex cries and begs Gigi to come back to him. Gigi briefly appears. Rex rushes around the mansion but can't find her.


At the Manning Estate, Nate admits that Rick blackmailed him into doing the porno because of what he did to Matthew. Nate rambles about Matthew letting him and his mom take the fall then tells Dani what happened. Matthew was fine when he left him. Nate takes the blame for ruining Matthew's life. Dani realizes now why Nate was so concerned for Matthew. She's crushed to hear Nate confided in Deanna. He didn't want to go to jail and did the movie to keep Rick quiet. He would never ask Dani to keep his secret but asks, "Are you going to tell his parents?" Dani doesn't know. Nate professes his love, but Dani orders him out. Later, Todd and Tea return. Todd assures Tea that he's Todd Manning, her husband and Dani's father, and doesn't know why the imposter is doing this to him. Todd seethes when Tea doesn't appear convinced and walks away.


Destiny arrives at the loft just as Bo gets a text from David saying his premiere went south. Nora thinks something's bothering Destiny, who wonders if they found out who hurt Matthew. They haven't. Destiny thinks back to Dani admitting that Nate overheard them talking about Matthew killing Eddie. She makes a quick exit when Nora asks if she knows anything or if she and Matthew are more than friends. Out in the hallway, Destiny leaves Dani a message to call her, saying, "It's about Nate." Back inside, Bo and Nora worry about finding whoever hurt Matthew because they know that Matthew killed Eddie.


At the diner, Shaun wonders what has Vivian so tense. Vivian admits, "I think Destiny's pregnant." Shaun doesn't want to believe it but remembers overhearing Destiny talking about sex and claiming Matthew had it with someone else. Vivian calms Shaun down, who agrees to let her be there when he talks to Destiny. Later, Destiny approaches Nate in the kitchen. He blows her off. Destiny sees the same gum wrapper that Nora found at the loft.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Rex insists Gigi is real.

Bo and Nora wonder if they did the right thing by allowing Clint to take the blame for Eddie's murder.

T.M. ends up in jail.

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