Monday, January 29th, 2007

Bo finds Rex hovering over Spencer's body, Natalie witnesses Michael & John sneaking away from the hospital, Vincent goes to Evangeline & Cris, and Clint asks Viki on a date...

Freeze! image

Amongst the blood-spattered room, Spencer lies dead on the floor with 'someone' holding the murder weapon with Blair drugged in a red speckled wedding dress.

Bo and Antonio arrive in Spencer's hospital room and demand that Starr and Cole stay put! The guard explains what happened, then covers up the dead lawyer. Bo and Antonio head up to Blair's room

At Capricorn, Layla asks Adriana why she's so distracted. Worried about Rex, Adriana doesn't know what's keeping him.

Cris and Evangeline arrive at Capricorn to find Vincent waiting for them. When they all sit down, Vincent says that someone he trusts told him that Cris isn't the kind of guy who would start those fires. "Your ex-wife, Natalie." However, Cris accuses Vincent of having ulterior motives. "You want Natalie to think you're some great guy... You got a thing for her, don't you?" Cris says.

With guns drawn, Bo and Antonio slowly approach Blair's room and find Rex standing over Spencer's body holding the bloody scalpel! Just then, Starr and Cole bust in and see Blair covered in blood. "Freeze, Balsom!" While Rex says, "Bo, I didn't do it," Antonio reaches down and says, "He's dead." Just then, they find the sedative on Spencer and realize that he's drugged Blair. Starr screams, "Is she ever going to wake up?" Bo tells Cole to stay with Starr, then goes back inside the hospital room as Paige examines Blair. "I think we're going to need a rape kit for her," Bo says. With Spencer's body mere inches away, Paige says, "He deserved it."

Bo approaches Antonio and they discuss the possible scenarios of what went down Bo tells Antonio that he wants him there when Blair wakes up. "I want to know who she saw."

Rex gets a text message from Adriana: "Where are you?"

At Capricorn, Adriana leaves to go find Rex.


At Llanfair, when Clint tells Viki that he's worries about Nash 'sniffing' around Jessica, Viki informs him of Jessica's attraction to Nash and says, "I think it's a big problem." While Clint wants to bring Antonio into the mix, Viki suggests that they allow Jessica to handle her business. Suddenly, because of a difference in opinion, an argument erupts. Clint accuses her of keeping her feelings to herself and suggests that maybe she's ignoring her feelings toward him. Clint takes her hand and notices that Viki has taken off her wedding ring. "What do you want from me?" Viki asks. "A date! Is that so bad?" Clint responds. Viki agrees to a date with Clint!


Nash wants Jess...

When Jessica arrives home at the loft, she finds Nash asleep on the couch. In a brief moment, Jessica finds herself daydreaming about going over and kissing Nash awake! To deter her mind, Jessica slams the door and wakes up Nash. Seeing that Antonio is working, Nash asks to stay in case Bree wakes up again. Jessica agrees and the two go out on the balcony and look through binoculars up at the stars. "I remember showing that to Tess." "I know," Jess says. Although Nash is happy that they're getting along, he says, "Only problem is, it makes me want to grab you, kiss you and never stop." Nash apologies and thinks it's best if he leaves. Before he does, Jessica says how sorry she is for bringing up memories of Tess. "It wasn't fair to you."

When Nash shows up at Capricorn, Layla asks, "What's Jessica done now?" Instead of talking about Jess, Nash hands Layla a shot and they cheer to a stress free night!


Rex is in deep...

While Cole goes to call Marty, Starr thanks Rex for 'what he did in there.' Suddenly, Blair is wheeled out and Starr and Cole follow them to another room. Bo joins Rex and tells him that he's going to need a lawyer!

In the hospital, Michael says to himself, "Okay, now all you have to do is make it out of here." As he enters the waiting room, Michael trips over John who's passed out on the floor! Once Michael wakes John up, he says, "I couldn't wait. I had to do it, Mike, had to take of Truman." Michael manages to get John up and says, "I don't want to hear anymore about Truman We're done with him." Just as Michael and John are making their escape, they run into Natalie!

Next on One Life to Live:

Blair tells Antonio that she doesn't know who Spencer's killer was.

Marcie wakes up and finds Michael gone.

Rex is told that he's in major trouble.

Natalie finds evidence at the scene of the crime.

Marty demands to know what happened from Cole & Starr.

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