Take What Ours!

Friday, January 26th, 2007

Dorian & Lindsay team up with a plan to win their men, Asa makes a strange phone call, Michael is determined to keep his family safe, Spencer sedates Blair as his mind falls into the depths of delusion, and one of Spencer's enemies makes his move...

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Blair & Todd

Marty tries to convince John that he needs to stop obsessing over Spencer before it ruins his life. While Marty takes a call, John looks to Natalie's engagement ring. After Marty hangs up, she tells John that Cole didn't show up for his community service. Before Marty leaves, John thanks her for the advice. After she's gone, John makes a call

At Rodies, Natalie and Rex express that Spencer is ruining their lives. While Rex goes back to the bar, Vincent shows up and asks Natalie if she and John are 'in trouble.' When Natalie gets a call from John's therapist and asks for him to refill John's painkillers, the man says that John doesn't need his medication anymore. "He's getting better, isn't he?" Natalie is shocked to hear that John is almost ready to go back to work. She hangs up and Vincent comforts Natalie. "You can trust me, Natalie." After thinking things over, Natalie tells Vincent that she needs to make things right with John before it's too late

When John's therapist arrives, he informs John about his conversation with Natalie. However, John has other things on his mind Spencer Truman. After his therapist leaves, John grabs his coat and gun, then heads out the door.

In their apartment, Marcie watches as Michael holds Tommy close. "Michael, what's wrong?" After he thinks back on his conversation with Rex, Michael says, "I can't lose him." When questioned further, Michael pretends that he's talking about a patient. "At least you know that you'll always have your family," Marcie says while looking at Tommy.

Later that night, holding Marcie asleep in his arms, Michael promises to always take care of her and Tommy. "No one is going to take him away from us." Michael quietly slips out of bed

At the penthouse, Todd tells Jack a story before tucking him in - a fairytale about the future of the Manning family. After Jack falls asleep, Todd leaves

In Spencer's room, Starr and Cole recognize the dead man as Spencer's lawyer! "Cole, where's Spencer!" Suddenly, the guard comes in and the kids tell him that Spencer's gone! As the guard appears to be disoriented, Starr tries to call Bo, but the guard grabs her cell and demands for answers! Abruptly, Starr screams, "He's alive, help him!" When the guard looks at Spencer's lawyer, Cole and Starr run out of the room!


Dorian and Lindsay catch up over drinks at the Palace. Just then, Viki and Clint come in for Asa and Renee's party, and Dorian watches with disgust Lindsay remarks that watching Bo and Paige is a little unsettling, too "I really did love that man." Dorian says, "If you help me break up Viki and Clint, I'll help you break up Bo and Paige." Although Lindsay is apprehensive, she agrees!


Antonio & Bo rush off...

In front of his family, Asa tells Renee that she's the love of his life. While waiting for Natalie, Jessica informs everyone that she's probably with John. Not wanting to wait, everyone lifts their glass and says, "Happy Anniversary!" to Asa and Renee. Just then, Bo and Antonio get called away on police business, leaving Jessica and Paige to head out, too. When Viki notices Clint looking at Dorian, she asks if he'd like to come back to Llanfair for a nightcap and he obliges.


Spencer makes Blair his!

Adorning a wedding dress, Spencer asks Blair to marry him, then says, "It's time to finish what I started." When Blair calls out for Todd, Spencer gives her another sedative, then goes on to tell an imaginary Reverend to start the nuptials! "Till death do us part." Spencer kisses the ring on Blair's finger. "Help me" Blair manages as Spencer startles her and says it's time to consummate their marriage. Spencer gives her another sedative and Blair can't fight the drugs any longer

At the hospital, Rex runs past Paige and tells her that he has some PI business in the hospital. "See ya!"

At the Palace, Asa makes a call and says, "Did you do what I told you?"

At John's apartment, his answering machine picks up John's gone...

Inside of Blair's room, someone grabs a scalpel and stabs Spencer repeatedly in the back! Spencer turns, "You!" But it's too late Spencer's bloodied body falls to the ground

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Vincent goes to Evangeline and Cris.

Clint asks Viki on a date.

Rex is found hovering over Spencer's body!

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