A Father Torn

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

Michael is unsure if he should tell Todd the truth about Tommy, Jessica confesses to Viki that she kissed Nash, Spencer drugs Blair, Cole & Starr find the body of Spencer's lawyer, Natalie experiences more sadness, and Viki gives Jessica some strong advice...

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As Natalie listens outside of John's room, she hears John say that he owes Marty for stopping him from killing Spencer. When asked if he told Natalie, John says, "About your involvement, no. I'm not so sure that I can trust her anymore." While Marty and John have a heart to heart, John warns Marty "If you want to stay on my good side, don't be like Natalie and do the opposite of what I say." John goes on to say that Natalie drugged his food, then says that nothing or no one is going to make him happy until Spencer pays. Natalie listens on feeling rejection and betrayal

Nash arrives at Antonio's pounding on the door for Jessica. When Antonio opens it, he says, "Jessica's not home. What do you want to talk to her about?" Nash claims that he just wanted to talk to her about Bree's visitation schedule. Antonio gets a call saying that Jess didn't pick up a gift for Asa and Renee's anniversary party and asks Nash if he could watch Bree while he runs out to get it. Before he leaves, Antonio reassures Nash that the problems between him and Jessica will work themselves out. Nash thinks back to his kiss with Jess in the steam room


At Llanfair, Jessica confides to Viki that she kissed Nash. Jessica is clearly a wreck, and Viki asks, "Are you concerned that Tess is coming back or that the person who wants to be with Nash is you?" When Jessica claims that she loves Antonio and not Nash, Viki tells her that she'll need to fight her feelings and concentrate on her life with Antonio. Jessica thanks her mom for the great advice and leaves. After Jessica's gone, Viki says, "This isn't good"

When Rex goes to Marcie and Michael's, Marcie can see that Rex is hiding and demands that he tell her! "Is this about Tommy?" Rex lies and says that he and Michael had a bet over a basketball game, but that he came to tell Michael to put the twenty bucks that he owes him toward Tommy's college fund. Rex makes a quick exit.


At Rodie's, Michael sits next to Todd and orders a whiskey. When Todd says that he didn't take Michael for a whiskey guy, Michael says, "Just another thing we have in common." "What's the other thing," Todd asks. Todd then realizes that they both have a hatred for Spencer Truman and leaves Michael to go talk to Evangeline.

Todd tells Evangeline about Blair turning down his proposal. He then talks about finding his son with hopes of putting his family back together. "But I can't find him." Todd changes the subject and asks how Evangeline is. She tells Todd about Cris' arson accusation. Feeling that her hands are tied, Todd suggests that Evangeline help Cris by hiding behind the scenes and helping those who will be representing Cris.

Just then, Michael approaches their table and asks to talk to Todd alone. Just as Evangeline leaves, Rex bursts in and insists on talking to Michael about 'Tommy.' Michael then looks to Todd and says that he just wanted to say that he hopes that Blair will be okay. Michael walks off with Rex. When Evangeline returns, Todd tells her not to give up on Cris, then leaves. Evangeline calls Cris to see what's keeping him

In private, Rex warns Michael that he can never tell anyone about Tommy! "Go home and be with your wife and son," Rex says. Michael leaves and Rex sighs with relief

Outside of Spencer's room, Starr runs into Cole and asks why he's there. "I'm here to warn Spencer Truman to never touch my mother again!" Although Starr protests, she says that the only way that Cole's going inside, is if she goes with him. Cole and Starr look at the 'sleeping' guard, then go into Spencer's room. When Spencer doesn't wake up at Cole's insistence, Cole pulls the covers back and they see the dead body!


When Blair wakes up to find Spencer standing over her, he covers her mouth, muffling her cries, and says that they cannot be disturbed. Although she protests, Spencer gives Blair a sedative. As she starts to give in to the medication, Blair asks, "What do you want." "You," Spencer replies. He picks up his bag and says that inside is everything that he needs to give Blair a night that she'll never forget. Still barely awake, Blair tries to play along with Spencer in order to stay safe. Full of delusion, Spencer lies next to Blair and says that he's going to make all of their dreams come true. Suddenly, Spencer jumps up and says that they have to hurry "Todd can't marry you if I marry you first!" Spencer quickly starts working to prepare Blair for their wedding by dressing her in a wedding gown!

Outside Blair's room, Todd pauses at the closed door. Todd remembers Blair wanting her space and doesn't want to make things worse. Todd leaves

Jessica returns home to find Nash. After Nash says that Antonio ran out to get the gift that Jess forgot to pick up, Jessica admits, "I don't know where my head's been lately." However, Nash claims that her mind has been on the kiss that they shared. When Jessica protests her feelings, she goes on to explain what Viki said, that Jessica should be able to distinguish between the Tess and Jess parts of her. "So, which part of you kissed me?" Nash asks. Jessica admits that she felt something when he kissed her, but it was something that she never wants to feel again. Just as they both agree to forget about their feelings for each other, Antonio comes home. "Am I interrupting something?" Nash explains that he was telling Jess that he'd be watching Bree for the night, then Jess and Antonio leave

When Michael returns home, he looks to Tommy with sorrow. He takes the baby from Marcie and holds him close


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