Case Closed!

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

Spencer escapes and uses his lawyer's dead body as a distraction, Viki gives Natalie advice, Rex makes a confession to Michael and tells him that Tommy's parents are Todd & Margaret, and Dorian admits that Blair & Todd belong together...

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In Rex's loft, Michael asks, "Do you know anything about Tommy's birth parents?" After Rex starts to stutter, Michael grabs him by the shirt. "Tell me about my son!" Rex screams for Michael to calm down and Michael releases him. However, he continues pushing Rex into telling him the truth. Just when Michael starts to leave and says that he's going back to confront Spencer, Rex screams, "All right! I found out who Tommy's birthparents are! Tommy's father is Todd Manning" At first Michael doesn't believe him, but Rex goes on to explain all of his findings concerning Tommy and Todd. Devastated, Michael realizes that Spencer was using Tommy to gain power. "This is going to kill Marcie." However, Rex knells in front of Michael and begs him not to tell Marcie. "No one needs to know that Tommy is Todd's son Ever." Rex stresses that Michael needs to keep quiet!

Outside of Spencer's room, Spencer hears Marty telling the guard that it's important that she sees him. Marty walks through the door and gasps! She goes in and finds Spencer in his bed. Although he picks up on her nervousness, Marty tries to remain calm. Spencer starts to rant like crazy and Marty says, "What are you talking about? Spencer, what have you done?" In the shadows lies the dead body of Spencer's lawyer After Marty starts to leave, Spencer taunts her by asking about Cole and says that with one wrong move she could lose everything! After Marty leaves, Spencer pulls the clothes off of Mark and gets dressed. "Be patient, Blair, I'm coming for you..."


Todd goes to Llanfair and asks for Viki's advice on how to get Blair back and blames Spencer for the demise of his relationship with Blair. When Todd says, "I still love her so much," Viki advices, "Then don't give up on her."


When Dorian goes to see Blair and hears that she broke up with Todd, surprisingly Dorian says, "Oh, no, I do not think that's a good idea!" Dorian defends Todd and says that he was pulling for Blair more than anyone. However, Blair says that she and Todd aren't good for each other. "But you love him," Dorian says. "Love isn't enough" Blair looks off


In John's room, John tells Natalie that since things aren't working out, that maybe one of them should move out! Clearly hurt that John doesn't want her help, Natalie informs him that once she leaves she's not coming back! When John questions why Natalie wants to break up, Natalie breaks down and says that she can't bear to watch John self-destruct anymore. "That's it. We're done," Natalie says, then cries, "I want things to be the way they were before." John tells her that he doesn't like ultimatums, but doesn't do much to stop her when she walks out the door.

Marty goes to John's and tells him about her visit with Spencer. "John, be careful." Marty says that Spencer threatened her son and brought up John, saying that next time he may not be able to cheat death. John's not intimated by Spencer in the least and reminds Marty that she's the one who set him free! However, Marty claims that Spencer's actions go way beyond any insanity that she's ever seen.

Dressed in Mark's clothes, Spencer handcuffs him in the bed as a decoy, then collects a syringe containing a sedative. Just as Spencer manages to get out of the room, with his back to the guard, the guard yells for him to freeze! But Spencer is too quick He whips around, puts the sedative in the cop's neck, places him in a chair as though he's sleeping, then runs off


When Todd arrives at the hospital, Dorian tells Todd that she tried to tell Blair not to let him go. Shocked, Todd asks Dorian what changed her mind about him, and Dorian says that she watched how Todd fought for Blair and now realizes just how much he loves her Dorian leaves to find a nurse. After Blair is given a sedative, the nurse informs Todd and Dorian that Blair should sleep through the night.

Natalie goes to Llanfair in tears and tells Viki about her fight with John. As always, Viki is the bearer of good advice and tells Natalie that she needs to handle John in the way he 'wants' to be handled - not by mothering him. She reminds Natalie that John loves her and that she needs to go back to him.

Back at the Angels Square Hotel, just as Natalie is about to enter John's room, she overhears John tell Marty that he owes her for stopping him from killing Truman! When Marty asks if John told Natalie, he says, "No, I'm not so sure that I can trust her anymore" Natalie is devastated!

Outside of Blair's room, Spencer peers at her through the window. Very quietly, he enters, approaches her bedside, then closes the curtains shut surrounding her bed...


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