Evil Hauntings

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

Marty, John, Rex & Todd are lost in nightmares of Spencer, Natalie gives Marty a warning, Spencer executes a new plan, Blair appears to be giving up on her & Todd for good, and Cole & Starr attempt to cover up their relationship...

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On her couch, Marty wakes up screaming When Cole rushes to her side, Marty acts as though she's fine and insists that Cole go to school. Shortly after Cole leaves, Nora arrives to find Marty a wreck. Over coffee, Marty and Nora talk about the similarities between her past rape and the hostage situation with Spencer. Marty says that Todd offered to trade places with her. "Todd saved my life."

John is startled from a deep sleep and looks to his clock. When Natalie sees that John's sweating, she goes to get him a new shirt. John tries to be patient with Natalie's fussing, but can't help bring up that she's suffocating him. After John's physical therapist arrives, Natalie leaves with a slam of the door.

Although it's hard, John works diligently to get through his therapy. When John's therapist congratulates him on his great progress, John asks him not to mention it to Natalie

When Marty opens the door, Natalie asks for a few minutes of her time. After Nora leaves, Natalie lays into Marty demanding to know why John always feels as though he owes her! When Marty refuses to enlighten her, Natalie warns Marty to stay away from John, then insinuates that it was her own fault that she was taken hostage by Spencer. "Get out!" Marty screams and Natalie repeats, "Stay away from John!"


When Rex awakes from a nightmare, he says, "What the" Adriana tries to reassure Rex that they need to keep Tommy safe. However, Rex thinks that Spencer is going to use Tommy before going to Wingdale. "If we can get through today, our secret should be safe" Rex tries to convince himself.


In the hospital waiting room, Todd wakes up and says, "Blair?" Todd goes to her room and tells Blair that he was awoken by nightmares of her and Spencer. Blair can't believe that Todd is still thinking about her past relationship with Spencer, then tells Todd that there is no hope for their future. Todd screams that he's not giving up on her! Todd tells Blair that she's grieving because of the child they lost. "Maybe if we could find my son and raise him as our own, we could find our way back to each other" Blair reminds Todd that he wanted nothing to do with her help before. "Please help me find TJ." However, Blair doesn't think there's any hope for them as a couple. Todd says, "Damn, Spencer, I should've killed him on the roof when I had the chance." Todd leans in and tells Blair that when she's ready, he'll be there for her.


When Michael enters Spencer's room, Spencer starts to ramble like a crazy man! As the guards informs Spencer that they're ready to take him to Wingdale, Spencer tells Michael that they need to save a patient named 'Tom,' then goes on to say that Todd couldn't save his son! Suddenly, Spencer looks at Michael and says, "Do you know Dr. Michael McBain? He doesn't know who the baby's father is, but I do" Michael leans within inches of Spencer's face and screams, "Why are you talking about my son!" Spencer goes on to rant, "We helped Dr. McBain get Tommy" As Michael screams for Spencer to quite saying his son's name, Spencer says, "You're going to have to be the one to tell him, Rex. He's not listening to me" In shock, Michael walks out the door.


At school, Starr tells Langston that she and Cole kissed. Just then, Britney arrives with Cole close behind. Langston warns Starr that she and Cole better be careful since they're not supposed to be seen together. When Marcie walks in, Starr makes a quick attempt to cover-up her 'close' interaction with Cole, but Marcie sees right through it. "Nice try," Marcie says. Marcie warns Cole and Starr about the ramifications of them getting caught, then heads to class. Tired of everyone looking at them as if they were under a microscope, Cole and Starr come up with a plan. In front of Britney, Cole and Starr stage a fight, then Cole leaves. Britney tells her friend that no matter what, she's going to find out what Cole and Starr are up to.

When Natalie returns to John's, he apologizes for being so mean. However, Natalie says, "I know why you did it because of Marty Saybrooke." Natalie informs him that she went to see Marty and that she told her to stay away from John! John is furious and the two argue again


Spencer's attorney, Mark, shows up and gives Spencer the paperwork stating that all of Spencer's assets will be transferred to him as he requested. When Spencer calls him close and acts as though he has a question, Spencer pulls Mark down and strangles him until he passes out. Spencer quickly scrambles to uncuff himself from the bed. As Spencer gets up, so does Mark, but Spencer quickly breaks his neck! Outside of his room, Marty tells the guard that she's Spencer doctor and heads inside

Rex opens his door to find Michael. When Rex asks him what's up, Michael says, "I don't know, Rex, why don't you tell me?" Michael tells Rex about his conversation with Spencer "What do you and Spencer know about my son that you're not telling me?"


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Spencer escapes and uses his lawyer's dead body as a distraction.

Viki gives Natalie advice.

Rex makes a confession to Michael and tells him that Tommy's parents are Todd & Margaret.

Dorian admits that Blair & Todd belong together.

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