You Must Really Hate Me.

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Rex confronts Clint, Matthew has a life-altering complication, and Shane responds positively to Ford...

You Must Really Hate Me. image

Rex rants about Clint at the diner. Gigi wonders what made Clint suddenly confess. Talk turns to Natalie then Shane appears. They discuss Shane's new doctor, who wants him to return to Llanview High in September. Shane assures Rex he'll be fine to return in the fall. After Rex leaves to visit Natalie, Shane opens up to Gigi and says, "When September comes around I'm still going to be a loser." At a nearby table, Ford looks at a photo of Tess and Ryder. He overhears Shane and joins him after Gigi heads to the kitchen. Ford shows Shane an old photo of him as a kid and talks about how other kids used to treat him. Gigi listens as Ford talks to Shane about how things changed when he took a construction job and started working out. Shane thanks Ford, as does Gigi, who's happy to see Shane eager to join a gym.


At his apartment, Nate privately worries to Deanna about Matthew's condition. What if he caused it? Dani joins them and wonders what they're talking about. Nate presses for details and acts concerned for Matthew. Dani knows Nate hates Matthew and asks, "Where's this coming from?" Nate brings up Destiny and convinces Dani to go be with her. Later, when Nate can't get a hold of Dani, he leaves.


From his hospital room, Clint takes a call from Viki. He hopes Jessica returns before his heart gives out. Joey appears. Clint reports Tess is in St. Ann's. He made a deal with Cutter. Now Joey can tell his wife to take a hike. "I already did," Joey replies. Clint's stunned to hear Joey didn't throw Aubrey out yet. Joey brings up Ryder. Once Jessica returns, Ryder will be safe. Only then can Joey leave Aubrey and try to win Kelly back. When asked why Clint confessed, he claims, "It was time to settle all my accounts." Joey's about to head home. Clint warns, "I had to give Cutter Pa's house." Joey wants to introduce Cutter to a shotgun. Clint begs Joey not to be like him. After Joey leaves, Rex appears. He wonders what it is about him that Clint hates so much. Rex remembers Clint calling him a bad father and vows never to be like Clint.


Down the hall, Bo and Nora hear Matthew's surgery didn't go well. Destiny's asked to wait around the corner. Though the doctor cleared up the bleeding, Matthew's brain could continue to swell. If it does, there's nothing more she can do. Matthew's wheeled back from surgery. Destiny breaks down. Dani appears and tries comforting Destiny. Bo and Nora beg Matthew to pull through this. His machines go off. Later, Nora and Bo are told that Matthew's heart is beating, but he has no brain activity. Down the hall, Nate appears and joins Dani and Destiny.


Rama arrives at the Buchanan Mansion. She didn't have the nerve to tell Vimal the truth. Aubrey admits she told Joey the truth. Cutter appears. Aubrey doesn't need to act as though she cares about Joey and Ryder anymore. He explains the deal he struck with Clint and says, "I want you back." Aubrey loves Joey. Rama urges Aubrey to go back to Cutter, especially since Joey now hates her. Joey appears. Aubrey professes her love for Joey. Rama's finally convinced Aubrey loves Joey, who ends up attacking Cutter. Rama pulls Joey off Cutter. Cutter orders Aubrey out of his house.


At St. Ann's, Viki asks the orderlies to be careful with Tess, who screams, "Let go of me!" They throw Tess in a padded cell then explain the extreme measures of using a straightjacket to Viki, who insists on visiting Tess. Viki agrees to press the inner button should she need help then enters the cell. Viki warns Tess she's lost. It's time for Jessica to return for her children. Viki gets a reaction out of Tess when she brings up Ford. Tess claims to hate Ford and taunts Viki about Charlie's affair. Viki remembers that Tess lashes out when she's afraid Jessica will return. Viki loves Tess. She's a part of Jessica. Tess makes it clear she'd rather die than let Jessica out again. After Viki leaves, Ford appears dressed as an orderly.


Back in Clint's hospital room, Rex continues taunting Clint until his machines go off. Viki appears and gasps. She wonders what's going on.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Bo and Nora are rocked by devastating news.

Aubrey and Rama exchange punches.

Clint's heart gives out.

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