Undying Passions

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

After Jessica confesses her real feelings to Nash in the steam room, they kiss, Rex tells Adriana that Spencer knows that Tommy is Todd's son, and Cris gets arrested and claims that he's being framed...

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After Rex hears Spencer says little Tommy's name, he turns around and asks, "Who are you talking about, Spencer? Tommy who?" Spencer says, "Tommy McBain. I killed him, you know." Rex acts relieved and thinks that Spencer is now talking about John's father Thomas McBain. However, Spencer expresses that he doesn't think that they should leave Tommy where he is because he's Todd's son! "And I have plans for him" Again, Rex takes out the fake death certificate and shows it to Spencer. "TJ is gone. Dead," Rex repeats. However, Spencer says that Tommy is alive. After the guard makes Rex leave, Rex is adamant about not allowing Spencer to ruin anymore lives


After Marcie and Tommy leave John's apartment, Michael questions if John is getting along well. John shares his irritation with Natalie and says that he doesn't appreciate having a nanny. When Michael warns John not to hurt Natalie, John flips out and says that he can't handle feeling as though he's always crawling out of his skin! John goes on to say that he can't let go of the fact that Spencer is getting away with their father's murder. "I should've killed him when I had the chance," John says. Although Michael knows the feeling, he reminds John that he's not a killer. Before Michael leaves, he informs John that Spencer will be shipped off to Wingdale soon and neither of them will ever get justice for what Spencer did to their father. However, John has a plan of his own


At the gym, Natalie lays into Vincent for what his lawyer did at the press conference. When Natalie goes to leave, she trips and Vincent rushes to her aid. While Vincent puts some ice on Natalie's ankle, she catches herself confiding in Vincent about how difficult John has been. Suddenly, Natalie questions why she's confiding in him, and Vincent admits that he misses her friendship. When Natalie starts to leave, Vincent infuriates her by making a crack about her having to get back to her patient!

When Adriana runs into Marcie at the gym, she gets freaked out after hearing Marcie refer to little Tommy as TJ. During their conversation, Adriana listens as Marcie boosts with love over Tommy. Suddenly, Marcie comments that Tommy looks like someone... "I can't put my finger on it," she says, making Adriana nervous


In Cris' studio, he insists that he's never seen the files of Vincent's warehouses that are on his computer! Suddenly, a cop finds some of Cris' gloves and Officer Talia instructs him to send them to forensic to check for traces of turpentine. As Cris continues to defend himself, Officer Talia advises him to get a lawyer.


Back at the station, Evangeline and Antonio eagerly await word on Cris' studio search. Just then, Vincent's attorney, Aaron, arrives and they inform him that they've been pulled off the arson case. However, he decides to wait to see what evidence Officer Talia finds at Cris'. Antonio gets a call and pulls Evangeline aside to tell her that the team found something... Evangeline rushes to go to Cris.


When Evangeline arrives at Cris', he tells her about the pictures found on his laptop. "Someone's trying to set me up!" Cris vows to find out who's trying to ruin his life. "I'm not going back to prison." Evangeline takes Cris in her arms.


In the steam room, Jessica confesses that what she feels for Nash could ruin everything. "What do you feel, Jessica?" Jessica admits that she's afraid that the 'Tess feelings' will emerge again. Nash tells Jessica that he knows that Tess is gone, and that when he kissed her in the mine, he saw Jessica, the woman he wanted to kiss. "You're afraid of your feelings, Jessica" Nash admits that although he doesn't want them, he has feelings for Jessica. "I'm owning up to mine, now please admit that you have feelings for me," Nash begs. Suddenly, Nash takes her in his arms and passionately kisses Jessica. After the kiss, not ready to face her feelings, she turns and runs out the door.

Just as John loads his revolver, Natalie bursts through the door. He quickly hides the gun in a drawer and helps Natalie sit down and elevate her ankle.


When Michael goes into Spencer's room, he finds him delirious. "The baby's dead, you know. There's a death certificate to prove it," Spencer says. When Michael says, "What baby?" Spencer replies, "Your baby." Michael leaves his room and calls Marcie to check up on Tommy.


After Marcie hangs up, she runs into Rex and Adriana and says that she needs to get Tommy home. When she leaves, Rex tells Adriana that Spencer knows that Tommy is really Todd's son!

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