I Have A Daughter. Her Name Is Starr.

Friday, May 27th, 2011

The man with the scar remembers, Rama plans to confess, and Starr and James profess their love...

I Have A Daughter. Her Name Is Starr. image

At the facility, Agent Baker looks in on the man with the scar and insists to Agent Kent that he's talking. Agent Kent doesn't know how anyone could withstand that amount of pain. Inside the room, the man cries in desperation, "I have a daughter. Her name is Starr." Agent Baker enters and hears him cry, "She has a mother. Her name is Blair." Agent Baker wonders if he gave 'it' to Blair. The man remembers his other wife, Tea. Agent Baker rejoins Agent Kent and says, "If he hasn't told us by now, he never will." They plan to dispose of the man. Inside, the man remembers fully and happily says, "I am Todd."

Todd leaves Tomas a message about a problem living in his pool house. Tea arrives at the Manning Estate. Tea wants to go swimming and heads to the pool house. Todd stops her and manages to get Tea to wait for him upstairs in bed. He looks at his phone and wonders where Tomas is.


In their Palace Hotel room, Starr and James admit they're both nervous. "I love you," James professes then sets the mood with music. Starr changes into a hotel robe. Not very sexy, but James thinks she's beautiful. They dance, kiss and start to undress. Starr's cell rings. It's about Hope. She's having nightmares. James understands that Starr has to leave and promises they'll have other nights. Once she's gone, James takes a cold shower. Later, Starr calls and apologizes that things didn't turn out the way they hoped.


Down the hall in another room, Tomas ignores a message from Todd, as Blair appears from the bathroom in lingerie. They kiss. Blair can't ignore the vibrating of Tomas' cell. He looks at his phone and sees Todd's text instructing Tomas to call him immediately. He claims it's Claude. Blair excuses Tomas, who calls Todd and gets the news about Marty. She has the disk that can bring both Tomas and Todd down. Tomas tells Blair Claude is in the hospital. He has to go. She thinks Tomas is sweet to want to take care of a friend. Blair's glad she decided to trust him. Once he's gone, Blair wonders if the universe is trying to tell her something.


After Todd lies to Tea about having to go check out an emergency at work, he meets Tomas outside the Manning Estate. He hands Tomas a gun and tells him to go take care of Marty. Todd returns to Tea soon after and wants to make up for lost time. Tea thinks back to him being in a coma and begs Todd never to leave her again. Outside, Tomas calls Blair. He won't be able to return and needs to stay with Claude to make sure things are under control.


At the hospital, Bo and Nora await news on Matthew's surgery. Nora feels responsible for the pressure they put on Matthew. Bo reminds her of the trauma to his head. They wonder how it happened. A nurse appears and explains the surgery is going to take longer than expected. Talk turns back to the trauma to Matthew's head. Bo wonders if Matthew got in a fight. Nora thinks Destiny might know something.


Dani tells Destiny at the diner she doesn't like keeping things from Nate. Destiny thanks her and reminds Dani Nate would kill Matthew if he found out. Plus, Destiny wants a relationship with Matthew. Nora calls. Destiny doesn't know anything about Matthew hitting his head and relays to Dani that Matthew's in surgery, due to a head injury. Destiny rushes off.


Nate rants at his apartment about Matthew killing Eddie and Dani staying quiet. Deanna urges Nate to talk to Dani. Nate has an idea on how to get the truth out. He logs on to "Access Llanview." Deanna suggests he send Phyllis Rose a tip. As Nate is writing the tip about Eddie's murder, Dani arrives. Matthew has bleeding in the brain. Somehow he got hit on the head.

Back at the hospital, Bo and Nora continue trying to put the pieces together leading up to Matthew fainting. They remember Matthew saying if he didn't confess, someone would turn him in. Destiny appears, rambles on that Matthew has to be okay and admits, "We've gotten as close as two people can get." Before she's forced to explain to Bo and Nora, Destiny leaves to take a call from Dani. The nurse appears. Matthew's out of surgery.


At Statesville, Rama confesses she has something to tell Vimal about the baby. Vimal admits his parents are thrilled for them. The baby has been a lifeline for all of them. Rama lies and explains she's just nervous about having to have some tests.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Due to Memorial Day the show will air an encore of its April 15, 2011 episode: I Owe You At Least That Much.

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