I Could Kill You.

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Tomas blackmails Todd, Bo and Nora are desperate, and Bess emerges...

I Could Kill You. image

Matthew collapses at the loft. Nora rushes to call 911, but Bo refuses to wait.


Brody drags Tess into the station, who denies knowing where Marty is. Cutter appears with his lawyer and demands Brody back off. Brody's allowed to hold Tess for questioning and threatens to throw her into a cell. He promises to release Tess if she allows Wess to come out and answer his questions. Cutter objects, but Tess agrees to Brody's deal. As Brody pleads with Wess to come out, she pulls her hair back, takes the lawyer's glasses and replies, "Wess isn't available at the moment. I'm Bess." Bess only reveals one name from Wess' memory. Todd Manning. She knows nothing more but warns she will not allow Jessica to return right now. She's too fragile to deal with Brody and Cutter's mistakes. Tess returns. Brody's forced to release her. Cutter claims he has to 'seal their deal' for the big bucks but promises to meet Tess at Capricorn. After tonight, they'll say goodbye to everyone who tried to bring them down, including Ford. Tess appears troubled.


Ford, in his hotdog uniform, talks to a nurse at the hospital about his volunteering. A lot of their pediatric volunteers are trying to get over the loss of a child. "Is that what you're doing?" she asks. Ford doesn't fully answer the question but agrees to meet her for a drink.


Bo and Nora are in an exam room with Matthew. A doctor notices the fresh bump on his head and leaves to order tests. Matthew comes to and thinks he's paralyzed from the accident with Cole from a few years ago. The doctor reappears and privately confirms Matthew's reacting to a very serious injury, bleeding in the brain. Matthew's condition is grave. He needs emergency now in order to prevent brain damage or death. Bo and Nora exchange I love yous with Matthew and promise everything will be all right. "I'll see you on the other side," Matthew says, leaving Nora in tears.


Viki confronts Clint in his room. She doesn't believe he's capable of killing someone. Tea appears. Clint wants to hire her to save Jessica from Cutter. If their marriage wasn't legal, Clint and Viki would have the right to commit Tess. Clint wants to do right by Jessica. Tea finds out Cutter made sure the marriage was legal but offers her services for Clint's impending murder charge. Does he really want to spend the rest of his life in prison? Clint glances at Viki and agrees to think about Tea's offer. After Tea leaves, Cutter appears. He's ready to get Tess enrolled in St. Ann's. Now they just need to talk about how much it'll cost Clint and Viki.


Todd pulls a gun on Tomas at the Manning Estate and says, "I could kill you." Tomas warns, "You kill me, you'll destroy your own life." Everything Tomas knows will go straight to Tea, who will leave Todd when she finds out about him. Todd thinks Tomas is bluffing. As someone watches from outside the window, Tomas hands Todd a disk to prove he's serious. Tea appears and sees Todd with the gun. He makes an excuse and admits to insisting Tomas stay with them. Brody arrives and confronts Todd.


Starr finds Blair singing at Capricorn. Blair confirms Todd had a change of heart where Tomas is concerned. Starr wonders if Blair did too. It's complicated, but Blair admits there's something not right about Tomas. Starr urges Blair to take a chance on love. After Starr leaves to meet James, Tomas appears. Across the room, Ford arrives with his date. She questions Ford about his ex. He admits they have a love/hate relationship. Though Ford was once a jerk, he's trying to change his ways. "You don't remember me, do you?" the nurse asks. Ford listens as the nurse admits they used to draw straws to see which nurse would get to sponge bathe him, back when he was in the hospital. As the nurse kisses Ford, Tess appears and sees them.


In the facility, Agent Baker takes out a syringe and warns, "One shot of this and you'll be dead." The man with the scar challenges Agent Baker to kill him and taunts, "If you do you'll never get the information you need." Agent Baker promises to let him go once he gives him what he wants. The man doesn't feel reassured. Agent Baker explains there's another way for him to get what he wants. The man's chair is wired to a button outside the door that'll send a ton of voltage throughout his body. When the man refuses to talk, Agent Baker pushes the button. The man screams in pain.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Brody asks Todd why Bess claims he knows where Marty is hiding.

James plans for a romantic evening with Starr.

Cutter demands Viki and Clint pay him well.

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