Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

Todd's emotions sear through Blair's heart, Kelly's baby may be in danger, John makes a shocking discovery and Cristian and Evangeline make love


Trevor St. John

Todd is truly upset with the turn of events at the Gala. He begins to think the timing of Spencer's proposal means something... But what? While Spencer goes to the bathroom, John has the key returned in time for Blair to slip it back in Spencer's suit pocket. Todd sees the whole exchange, asks Blair what she thought of his toast.

Kevin confides to Vicki that he made a mistake by letting Kelly leave town, thinking that he couldn't accept the baby. He says he should've offered to marry her! Kelly finds herself at a strange hospital, fearing for her baby's safety when she begins spotting. Having no one to turn to, Kelly calls Kevin. She wanted him to know what was going on with the baby. Kevin begs her to come home, but she won't. They argue and Kelly hangs up. The doctor comes in to do some tests. Kelly is determined not to lose this baby.

Evangeline doesn't give Cristian the response that he hopes for in regards to his romantic gesture. She admits that she hasn't been with anyone since being hurt by John. She's scared of getting hurt again. However, after telling Chris she loves him, that she's ready to be with him, they go up to his bedroom and make love!

When Starr's friend comes to deliver the news of Blair and Spencer's engagement, she hits the roof, horrified that her mother said yes to Dr. Truman! She's more determined than ever to get Todd and Blair back together.

While John digs through the safety deposit box, the manager returns, almost catching him and Natalie in the act! Almost. Although frustrated that the gun isn't there, John finds more than he bargains for while rifling though some papers... A picture of Margaret holding Todd's baby with Paige in the background!

Blair tells Todd she hopes, someday, he'll understand her reason for doing everything she's doing. He's destroyed, tells her he never would've given up on her like she did to him. But no apologies make a difference. Todd notices Blair's eye contact with John when he and Natalie return. John tells David to find Paige, that they all need to talk. When David finds Paige, John shows them the proof they need to back up Paige's statement that she delivered Margaret's baby at Spencer's request! John wants to hear Paige's story one more time.

Blair tells Spencer she wants to stop the hospital to tell Starr about their engagement. Todd follows... Blair arrives at the hospital with Spencer, and Starr acts as though she doesn't know why Spencer is there. Just as Blair is about to tell Starr about her and Spencer, Todd walks in! Todd tells Spencer to leave and he does. Starr gets her way, asks for Blair and Todd to stay with her tonight!

Next on One Life to Live: Todd asks Blair for the real reason she's marrying Spencer, Rex fears that something's happened to Adriana, Bruce calls Dorian for the ransom money and Evangeline tells Cristian she wants more...