Left To Die.

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

John finds Kelly bleeding, Natalie confronts Marty, and Echo vows revenge...

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John arrives at Llanfair looking for Natalie. Viki hasn't seen her since she left with Liam and urges John to treat Natalie gently. She's still in love with him. Later, Charlie appears and hands Viki divorce papers. He didn't want to fight Viki on it after what he put her through. He left Echo and plans to make a clean start by leaving Llanview. Charlie explains how Moe hired him to rebuild the Bon Jour Café in Paris, Texas. It was destroyed by a tornado. He asks Viki to ask Natalie to say hello to Jared from him whenever she visits the cemetery. Viki tearfully wishes Charlie good luck, who says, "I will always love you Viki D." Viki says goodbye then signs the divorce papers. She takes off her wedding rings and sets them on the table.


Natalie doesn't see the bloody handprint on the door of John's apartment. She finds a note asking John to meet someone up on the roof and misses the blood spilling from underneath the bathroom door as she heads back out the door. John arrives soon after, sees the blood, draws his gun and opens the bathroom door. He finds Kelly left for dead on the floor. John finds a weak pulse and calls 911. Kelly opens her eyes and whispers, "Marty."


On the roof, Marty prepares for a night with John. Natalie appears holding Liam and sets the baby down in his carseat. Marty warns Natalie not to ruin her relationship with John and demands she go back to Brody. Natalie makes it clear she knows what Marty's done and plays her session tape. "It's over, Marty," Natalie warns. "You're done." Marty's made sure Kelly isn't an issue anymore and demands Natalie leave things the way they are. When Natalie refuses, Marty grabs the knife she used to stab Kelly, points it at Natalie and says, "Let's make this quick." Natalie sees the blood on the knife and hears that Marty killed Kelly. Marty lunges for Natalie. The women struggle.


Still in Cutter's motel room, Jessica's new alter, Wess, introduces himself as Brody's dead Navy Seal buddy. Cutter watches as Wess talks about how he and Brody used to pick up chicks. Wess asks if it's cool if he wears Cutter's clothes then heads into the bathroom to get ready to party. Cutter rants about being married to a dude. They call out to Wess and realize he snuck out the bathroom window.


In his hospital room, a doctor tells Clint he should get his affairs in order. Clint doesn't want his family to know his heart is failing. "Dad," Joey says from the doorway. Clint dismisses the doctor then hears that Cutter married Tess. Joey confirms that Cutter wants money. Talk turns to Aubrey. Joey brings up how Kelly was sure Aubrey and Cutter aren't brother and sister. "Please," Joey begs. "Tell me what you know." Clint admits Aubrey and Cutter are lovers, who've been scheming to rob Joey blind. "You've been conned," Clint says. Joey feels like a fool and thinks of how badly he hurt Kelly. He wants to put an end to Aubrey and apologize to Kelly now. Clint convinces Joey to stay quiet for now. They need to get Jessica back and beat Aubrey at her own game. Joey thanks Clint. He's happy his father is going to be okay. Later, Viki overhears Clint tell his doctor, "Nobody needs to know I'm dying."


Dorian finds Echo drinking outside of Capricorn. She taunts Echo about being a slut and a lush. Echo throws her drink in Dorian's face, who brings up how Charlie left her. Echo knows he'll come back to her. "He's leaving town," Dorian gloats. Echo doesn't believe Charlie would leave. Dorian only says Charlie has a job far, far away. She offers to pay Echo's way out of town. Echo plans to stay and get even with Dorian.


Inside, Cris asks Rama if she's told Vimal she isn't pregnant. Aubrey appears and pulls Rama away. She's worried Cutter will blow their cover. Aubrey told him they're through. Rama tells Aubrey to fix this and take Cutter back. "I don't want Cutter back," Aubrey snaps. "I love Joey." Rama changes her tune and assures Aubrey she won't lose Joey. He'll believe in their love. Rama suggests she blackmail Cutter into never telling Joey the truth. Joey appears and acts like the adoring husband. Wess appears and hits on Rama and Aubrey.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Viki makes Clint admit how serious his condition is.

Joey confesses he can't imagine life without Kelly.

During a struggle with Marty, Natalie falls over the roof's edge.

Cris and Rama detain Wess.

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