Mr. And Mrs. Cutter Wentworth.

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Tess has news, Matthew confesses, and Charlie walks away...

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Ford and Brody storm into Cutter's motel room and find it empty. Cutter and Tess arrive soon after. Ford gives Brody the okay to call St. Ann's. Tess warns Ford doesn't have the authority to commit her, no matter what his papers say. She takes out some papers of her own. Their marriage wasn't consummated, so Tess divorced Ford. Cutter has a really good attorney. She's now Mrs. Cutter Wentworth. Brody and Ford wonder why Cutter married Tess. "I love her," Cutter replies and asks for some time alone with his wife. Ford punches Cutter. After Tess kicks Brody and Ford out, she promises Cutter half of the Buchanan fortune and asks, "Are you going to break the news to your sister, or should I?"


In Clint's hospital room, he explains the extent of his heart damage to Bo and wonders if Bo thinks he deserves to die for everything he's done. Bo agrees Clint deserves to go to Statesville for his crimes but death… Clint's happy that now no one needs to know that Matthew killed Eddie. Bo refuses to forget how Clint pushed Matthew to kill. Bo didn't want to come there. Nora said he should because Clint's his brother. Bo didn't want their relationship to be like this. Clint remarks how different they are and suggests they leave things like that. "Goodbye," Bo says and turns to walk away. Clint begs Bo not to tell the family he's dying. He doesn't want to hurt them anymore. Bo's happy Clint's finally thinking about others over himself and says, "Too bad it's too late." Bo can't lie to Nora and thinks the family deserves to know. He didn't want this for Clint, to die alone. "I guess you win after all," Clint replies. Bo leaves.


Outside Clint's room, Dorian tells Echo Viki's on her way to play Charlie her taped confession. Echo warns Dorian if she comes after her, she'll tell Viki how Dorian blackmailed Clint to get the tape. Dorian taunts Echo as she stomps away.


Viki goes to Echo's motel room with the taped confession. She and Charlie briefly discuss the custody hearing and Niki Smith visiting Echo. Charlie's sure Echo didn't know she was Niki. "I wouldn't be too sure about that," Viki replies. She takes out the recorder but decides she can't hurt Charlie. He wonders what's on the tape, takes it and plays Echo's confession. Echo appears just as Charlie hears she knew Rex was Clint's son. Viki leaves. "How could you do this to me?" Echo calls after her. She desperately tries explaining why she lied and how Clint threatened to send Rex to prison. Everyone warned Charlie about Echo. "I left my wife for you!" Charlie cries. Echo's taken away everything from him, even his will to stay sober. Charlie feels used and refuses to ever forgive Echo. He packs his bags and leaves saying, "You're the biggest mistake I ever made." Echo cries for him to come back then vows revenge on Dorian and Viki.


Viki returns to the hospital and tells Dorian that Charlie heard Echo's confession. Dorian knows Charlie will want Viki back. Viki loves Charlie but don't think their marriage can be fixed. Though she enjoyed the look on Echo's face, Viki reminds Dorian they've made a very dangerous enemy of her.


Starr knocks on James' door. There's no answer. She hears commotion inside, lets herself in and finds James and Deanna laughing over a TV show. "Am I interrupting something?" Starr asks. Over talk of Deanna not knowing where she's going to live, or how she'll raise enough money to find her mother, Starr offers Tea's services. Deanna reminds them the lawyer in Ohio is the only one who has the information she needs and turns Starr down. James agrees with Deanna, who leaves for a job interview. Starr fears Deanna is going to come between them. She's always around. "She's not here now," James replies and takes Starr in a kiss.


At the loft, Destiny cries to Matthew how Blanca got the idea from her that he killed Eddie. Blanca's going to go public. Matthew doesn't blame Destiny and admits it's true. He killed Eddie Ford. Destiny comforts Matthew, as he explains how everything happened. Matthew doesn't want sympathy. He's a coward. Destiny wishes Matthew would've trusted her with his secret. She won't tell anyone. She holds Matthew close and promises never to leave him. Matthew kisses Destiny then leads her to his bedroom.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Tea asks Tomas, "Who are you?"

Todd finds out what Jack did to Shane.

Natalie finds Marty's session tape.

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