I'm Dying.

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Clint gives Bo news, Todd gets a troubling call, and Brody gets word that Tess vanished...

I'm Dying. image

A reporter, Blanca, enters the diner, sees Destiny and acts as though she's going to print that Nora killed Eddie. Destiny confronts her and insists Nora is innocent. Blanca sweet-talks Destiny into helping her find the real killer. Destiny spills the beans about how Matthew thought Nora was sleeping with Eddie, which leads Blanca to suggest that Matthew shot Eddie. "Are you crazy?" Destiny snaps. Matthew wasn't near the Minute Man Motel. He drove around all night after seeing Bo with Inez. Blanca thinks Matthew could've made a pit-stop at the motel. She infuriates Destiny by saying, "I'm running with the story."


At the loft, Nora and Matthew confront Bo about knowing Clint had a heart attack. Matthew wonders if Clint could die. Bo doesn't know and still blames Clint for everything that's happened. "I won't forgive him," Bo says to Matthew. "Neither should you." Matthew refuses to risk not being able to say goodbye to Clint and tries to leave. Bo won't let Matthew go to the hospital. Matthew warns Bo not to let his stubbornness stop him from making peace with his brother. Nora urges Bo not to turn his back on Clint and reminds him how Clint once begged Bo to fight for his life. Later, Destiny arrives and tells Matthew a reporter thinks he killed Eddie Ford.


In his hospital room, Clint's doctor asks if he understand his prognosis. Clint does. Later, Echo appears and lashes out at Clint. How did Niki Smith get a recording of their conversation? "Dorian," Clint replies. He had no choice but to give Dorian the tape and admits she was going to let him die if he didn't. Echo needs to find out if Viki has the tape and leaves. Bo appears and asks how Clint is doing. "I'm dying," Clint replies.


Down the hall, Viki and Starr visit Todd in his room. Todd sends Viki off to The Banner and urges her to print that Tomas was his shooter. After Viki leaves, Todd asks what's been going on with Starr. She fills him in on the family then brings up Deanna. Starr has no say in where Deanna lives and doesn't know what to do. "I have a few ideas," Todd replies and offers to ask Tea to help track down Deanna's birthmother. Starr thanks Todd. She's glad to have her dad back. Todd ignores a call and claims he's tired. After Starr leaves, Todd gets another call and explains his daughter was in the room earlier.


Out in the hallway, Dorian stops Viki. Once she's sure she's Viki, Dorian admits she knew about Echo and Charlie's affair. She brings up the recording she gave to Niki Smith and starts digging through Viki's purse. Dorian plays Viki Echo's taped confession. Echo appears, sees Viki in the elevator and tries to stop the doors from closing. Dorian informs Echo that Viki's on her way to prove she's been lying to Charlie all along.


Ford awakes on Inez's apartment floor. He tells her Tess knocked him out. Brody arrives. Ford's upset Inez called the police. Ford explains what happened, but he has no idea where Tess is. Brody reminds Ford that he created this whole mess. If they don't get Jessica back, it's all Ford's fault. Ford brings up Liam. Wouldn't Brody do anything to keep him if John had a reason to take him away? Ford wants to find Tess and rants about making sure she's okay. Brody accuses Ford of falling for her. Ford blows him off. They need to find Tess.


In Cutter's motel room, Tess explains why she hit Ford. She thinks she killed him but had to stop Ford from having her committed. Tess feels bad and remembers how upset Ford looked when Aubrey took his baby. She needs to know what's going on. Tess calls Ford but hangs up when she hears Brody in the background. Cutter wonders what they're going to do now. Tess reminds him of how Aubrey and Ford screwed them. They kiss passionately and fall to the bed. Cutter halts things. He has an idea of how they can stop Ford from having her committed. Later, Ford and Brody kick in the door.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Starr admits to James she's afraid Deanna will come between them.

Matthew confesses to Destiny that he killed Eddie.

Tess gets married again.

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