In The Name Of Love

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

Blair makes it through another night, then opens her eyes, Spencer is told that he'll be prosecuted, John makes an assessment of Marty's mental condition, and Natalie becomes annoyed with Marty...

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Vincent informs his lawyer that Natalie doesn't think that Cristian started the fire. However, his lawyer warns him not to be nave, then goes to the podium in Angels Square for a press conference. Vincent's lawyer starts with accusing the Llanview PD of being corrupt!

After Natalie leaves John's to go get breakfast, John gets a call and says, "I'm alone, come over." Shortly after, Marty appears and thanks John for seeing her. Although John claims that Spencer knew exactly what he was doing, Marty again tells John that Spencer is unfit to stand trial. John sees how effected Marty still is after being held hostage and surprisingly tries to comfort her. "It's called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and I think you've had it before," John says as Marty can't hold back the tears. "Okay, you're right, I was raped!" John apologizes and says that he didn't know.

Bo and Paige go into Spencer's room to get a statement. When Paige accuses Spencer of purposely shooting himself, Spencer acts insane saying that he only wanted to be with Blair. "Is Blair alive?" However, Bo doesn't answer. Before leaving, Bo informs Spencer that he'll be facing numerous charges. Alone in his room, Spencer says, "Blair"


Outside of Blair's room, her family awaits news on her condition. When Michael comes out, he states that Blair is stabilizing. Todd pulls Michael aside and asks if Blair will have a full recovery? Although Michael can't make that determination, he tells Todd to keep talking to Blair.


As Shaun and Vincent watch on, his lawyer talks Vincent up to the press saying that Vincent would never torch his own building! He goes on to point the finger at Cristian Vega! Suddenly, Natalie shows up and demands to know why Vincent is pulling a stunt like this! Although Vincent says he's just watching his back, Natalie warns him that he's going to ruin Cris' reputation once again! Natalie storms off just as Vincent's lawyer says, "The police are refusing to investigate the real criminal, Cristian Vega"

At Cris', Evangeline asks to see what Cris is working on as she looks over his shoulder. However, Cris closes the laptop and says he's not ready to show anyone. Evangeline grabs the paper and reads about the arson, "Oh, my There was another fire." She goes on to say that it was another one of Vincent's warehouses and suggests that they call Bo. Just as Cris says it has nothing to do with him, Natalie barges in and tells them to get to Angels Square now!

When Cris, Evangeline and Natalie arrive at Angels Square, Cris glares at Vincent. Vincent's lawyer calls out Cris, points out that Cris' girlfriend is the assistant district attorney and that Natalie is Cris' ex-wife, the police commissioner's niece! While Cris and Evangeline go to the press and defend his case, Natalie yells at Vincent, "This is all your fault!" SLAP! Natalie's hand grazes Vincent's face, then she runs off. Bo joins the crowd and says that there's no evidence to support Vincent's theory against Cristen. Before Evangeline and Cris leave, she says to Vincent, "Pointing your finger at Cris doesn't make you innocent."

After the press conference, Bo informs Vincent that neither the PD or Antonio is protecting anyone! When Bo leaves, Vincent tells his lawyer that Bo is good guy and that he wouldn't comprise the case. However, his lawyer reminds Vincent that he could go to jail if he's blamed for starting his own building on fire!

Back at the loft, Cris goes upstairs and Evangeline thinks back to finding Cris' turpentine-covered gloves


As Natalie enters John's room, she sees Marty and says, "What're you doing here?" "Not that it's any of your business, but I needed to talk to John," Marty says. The two women bicker a bit, then Marty leaves. When Natalie wants to know what Marty's visit was about, John makes excuses for Marty. John brings up the fact that all she and John do is argue and asks that they do something about it. Wanting to get the last word, Natalie blames Marty for Spencer's latest stunt!

Outside of Spencer's room, Marty looks in at Spencer as Paige informs her that Spencer is going to make it


While Blair's family is surrounding her bed, Todd makes a loving gesture and brings Addie in to be with her daughter. Addie begs for Blair to please not die, then Todd sits at Blair's bedside and tells her how much he needs her. "Please open your eyes, Blair." Suddenly, Blair's eyes flutter and Todd continues to beg Blair to open her eyes! Michael comes and examines Blair. It's a miracle! Blair opens her eyes and says, "Todd You talk to much"


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