Did He Hurt You?

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Deanna wants James back, Ford and Tess wait for Niki, and Natalie and Joey visit Clint...

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At his apartment, James doesn't believe Eddie forced Deanna to break up with him. "He found a way," Deanna admits. James wonders why she waited a year to find him. He thinks back to being in love with Deanna and hating how Eddie used to talk to her. Talk turns to a day Eddie roughed James up. Deanna admits, that day, she privately warned Eddie she was going to call the cops. Deanna thinks back to Eddie having his hands all over her. "Did he hurt you?" James asks. He didn't, but Eddie claimed he could reunite Deanna with the mother who gave her up, if she broke up with James. James remembers how much Deanna always wanted to find her mother. Deanna didn't want to give James up, but Eddie claimed he had a lead and suggested her mother could've been in trouble. They remember James asking Deanna to leave town with him and her pushing him away. "Was it worth it?" James asks. "Did you find your mother?" The lawyer Eddie set her up with refused to tell Deanna anything without giving him $20,000. She went back to find James, who had already stolen the $50,000 from Eddie and headed to Llanview. Deanna knows she ruined things but admits she came all this way for James. "I still love you," Deanna cries.


Starr confides in Blair at Capricorn about her initial worry over Deanna. Blair can't believe that James let Deanna stay with him. Starr trusts James. "Do you trust her?" Blair asks. Starr calls herself a paranoid bitch. Her jealousy caused her to invite Deanna to stay at the mansion. Blair brings up Hannah and urges Starr to listen to her instincts. Starr's just glad that Deanna's leaving town but admits she's curious about why Deanna broke up with James in the first place. It really messed him up. Blair urges Starr to go talk to James about it. Starr doesn't want to appear insecure and suggests they go visit Todd.


Cutter watches Aubrey comfort Joey outside of Clint's hospital room. Natalie appears. Joey follows her into Clint's room. Cutter rants about Aubrey falling all over Joey then admits Kelly knows about them. Clint gave Kelly the scoop. Aubrey doesn't believe that Kelly will stay quiet. Cutter explains how Kelly thinks Aubrey's feelings for Joey will cause them to self-destruct.


Seated at Clint's bedside, Joey and Natalie wonder where their mother is. Natalie fills Joey in on her encounter with Tess and Viki, who claimed she was pretending to be Niki. "Are you sure mom was pretending?" Joey asks. They look at an unconscious Clint. It's not like Viki not to at least check in. Natalie doesn't think Tess has any use for Niki. Joey disagrees and brings up Ryder. He thinks if Niki's back, she's at Ryder's custody hearing.


Natalie and Joey rejoin Aubrey and Cutter outside Clint's room and briefly explain they have to go find Viki. Once they're gone, Cutter says it's time to cut their losses. Aubrey thinks they have all their ducks in a row, expect Clint. What if he wakes up? Cutter suggests they make sure he doesn't. Aubrey refuses and goes in to sit with Clint. Cutter thinks maybe he should just do it himself. There are plenty of people he could pin Clint's murder on.


Echo finds Viki in her motel room. "What's a matter?" Niki asks. "You've never seen an alter before?" Echo realizes she's Niki Smith and starts to call Charlie. Niki plays the recording Dorian gave her of Echo confessing about Clint being Rex's father. Echo hangs up the phone and tries to take the recorder. Just as Echo gets the upper hand, Charlie bangs on the door and calls out to her. Niki laughs then hides while Echo ushers Charlie in and straight into the bathroom. Niki quickly slips out then stands at the closed door and listens as Echo tells Charlie she has something to tell him about his wife. Echo talks about how Viki was there and threatened her. Charlie promises no one is going to take him away from Echo.


In the courtroom, Tess assures Ford her secret weapon will pull through for them. While Ford checks in with Inez about Ryder, Tess leaves Niki a message, warning her to remember their deal. "Did you just say Niki?" Ford asks from over Tess' shoulder. She's forced to tell Ford about bringing Niki out. Ford listens to Tess' plan for them to get custody of Ryder but reminds her Niki isn't there. "We need Niki," Ford snaps. Natalie and Joey appear. "Admit it, Tess," Joey says. "Niki's back."


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Erika Slezak's (Viki) 40th Anniversary Episode:

Jean Randolph struggles to emerge.

Viki passes out with exhaustion.

Tess and Ford want to keep Niki a secret.

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