An Arsonist Strikes Again!

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

Vincent gets the news that another one of his buildings has burned down, Todd tries to save Blair with his love while Rex takes partial blame for Blair's condition, and Marcie lets Rex baby-sit Tommy...

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At Rodie's, Natalie runs into Vincent who asks if she's trying to avoid him. Promising to stay off the subject of Cristian burning down his warehouse, Vincent sits down at Natalie's table and asks for a favor After expressing his loss from the fire, and how everyone in town thinks he's the villain, Vincent asks Natalie to use her forensic skills to look into who started the fire. Suddenly, Vincent looks to the cop at the bar and hears the alert going over his scanner... Another one of Vincent's warehouses is on fire! After Vincent gets off the phone with Shaun, Natalie insists that Cris couldn't have started the most recent fire! Vincent agrees to keep an open mind, then leaves Natalie prays that it wasn't turpentine that started the fire

Layla goes to Cris' and asks if Evangeline and Cris want to go out to celebrate the success of her new line. Although she'd love it, Evangeline says that she has no idea where Cris is Suddenly, Cris comes through the door, and Layla sees that Cris is in a bad mood and leaves.

Fire trucks and police sirens erupt through Angels Square as a very large building goes up in flames

When Cris grabs a beer, Evangeline asks where he was. Cris lies and says that he's working on a new project but doesn't give her the details. While Cris has his back turned, Evangeline finds some turpentine-covered gloves in Cris' duffle bag! However, Cris says that he bought the gloves a long time ago.

When Antonio arrives back at Capricorn, he fills Jessica in on what happened with Spencer at the hospital. Suddenly, Antonio sees Jessica bleeding, notices all the glass everywhere, and asks if some drunk lost control! After Nash joins them, Jessica explains that she was angry with Nash. Antonio says that ever since Nash and Jessica got trapped in the mine, they've been at each other's throats. "What the heck happened in that mine?" Antonio asks. "Do you want to tell him or should I?" Nash asks as he looks to Jessica! Nash says that he and Jessica just can't seem to get along these days. When Nash offers to quit, Jessica says she'll just stay away from Capricorn. Before Antonio and Jessica leave, Antonio warns her and Nash to find a way to get along.

At the hospital, Rex tells Adriana that if he had told the truth about Todd's son, then this would've never happened to Blair. Adriana reminds Rex that they are doing the right thing, and that they need to guard their secret about Tommy until the day they die. Just then, Marcie comes in saying, "I heard Tommy's daddy is looking for him." Michael walks in after her and takes Tommy. After Adriana goes to see Blair, Michael says that they don't expect Blair to make it through the night. Clearly upset, Michael hands the baby to Marcie and leaves. Marcie then hands Tommy to Rex and asks him to watch her son while she goes to comfort Michael When Marcie returns, she expresses to Rex how badly she feels for Todd seeing as he's already lost so much.

In Blair's room, Todd asks for Starr to take Jack to the cafeteria. When alone, Todd sits by Blair's bed and tells her that when he was put to death, it was her love that brought him back to life. "Now it's my turn, Blair, I'm going to bring you back." Todd goes out into the hallway and interrupts Dorian's phone call to Kelly. "Blair's going to live, I just brought her back." After the doctors examine Blair, they tell Todd that there's been no change and that Blair's family should all say their goodbyes now Although Todd doesn't want to believe it, Starr says that they should all say goodbye now in case they don't have another chance.

In Blair's room, Jack and Starr tell their mom how much they love her, as Starr thinks back on all the times she's spent with her mom. When they're through, Todd brings the kids out and Dorian goes in. Dorian tells Blair that her life has been fuller and richer because of Blair. Dorian thinks back on all the times they've spent together. "Keep fighting, Blair, I'm not ready to say goodbye."

At Capricorn, Layla gives Nash some advice and says to stay away from Jessica or he's going to get hurt. When she leaves, Nash looks at the magazine picture of Jessica

Back at the loft, Antonio questions Jessica about why she and Nash have suddenly become enemies. "We just don't like each other," Jessica says. "I think there's another reason," Antonio replies. Antonio comes to Nash's defense and says that maybe he's still having a hard time breaking from Tess and that Jessica should give him some slack.

As everyone stands around Blair's bed, a priest says a prayer. When everyone leaves, Todd stays by Blair's bedside remembering all the memories of his love for Blair... "I'm not going to say goodbye," Todd says as he lies next to her


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