Niki Is Alive.

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Niki and Tess strike a deal, Dorian finds Clint, and Tea and Blair discuss John's suspicions...

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At Llanfair, Niki happily thanks Tess for bringing her out. "I hope I don't regret this," Tess mumbles. Niki tells Tess to lose the attitude. What has she ever done to her? Tess flips out about how Niki took her to bars and allowed men to molest her. Tess refuses to go celebrate with Niki, who promises to return the favor for letting her out. After Niki changes and finds some booze, Tess wants to cash in on that favor. She wants Niki to help her get custody of Ryder. Niki agrees. Viki and Jessica's cells ring. Niki and Tess answer as Jessica and Viki and assure the courts they'll be there for the custody hearing in the morning. Niki promises Tess because of her, Tess will have the little snotball all to herself by lunch tomorrow.


Down at the carriage house, Gigi reminds Rex of the timing of his proposal. Rex wants Shane to know they're a family and will always be there for him. He wants to stop taking Gigi for granted and says, "I am who I am because of you." Gigi and Shane have taught Rex everything he knows. Gigi agrees to marry Rex and takes him in a kiss. Rex promises Gigi an amazing ring. He sees a light on at Llanfair and heads out to tell Viki the good news - and to hit her up for a bottle of champagne. Gigi stops him. She'd rather find another way to celebrate. Rex carries her to the couch.


Dorian strolls into the Buchanan Mansion and finds Clint having a heart attack. She teases Clint with aspirin and the ability to call 911 then says, "Payback is a bitch." She demands to know if Echo knew the truth about Rex's parentage. Clint refuses to say. Dorian sets the aspirin on a desk and starts to leave. Clint calls out. Dorian returns to him. "I promised I wouldn't…" Clint says. "Echo knew all along." He points Dorian to the desk drawer. Dorian finds the recorder and plays the recording of Echo admitting the truth herself. Dorian gives Clint an aspirin then calls 911.


James brings Deanna and Starr back to his apartment. Deanna thanks Starr for dinner then brings up a special place she and James used to go to. When Deanna excuses herself to James' bedroom, Starr stops her and suggests she stay at the mansion with her. Deanna reluctantly agrees and leaves to pack. Starr admits to James she made the offer because of his and Deanna's past. She doesn't feel she can compete and compares Deanna to Hannah. James only wants to be with Starr. He and Deanna have been over for a longtime. They talk about what it'll be like to spend their first night together. Deanna watches from the doorway as they kiss. Deanna interrupts and privately tells James he needs to know why she broke up with him. He doesn't see the point and sends Deanna off with Starr.


Tomas confronts John at the station. Why is John telling Tea and Blair he's a killer? Tomas admits he wanted Todd away from his sister. His life's an open book. Tomas urges John to check him out. John shows Tomas the wedding photo of Todd and Blair and asks why he had it. Tomas speaks of the flea market in Paris. The story sounds too made-up for John. After Tomas leaves, John calls for forensics to come and lift a fingerprint off his doorknob. Later, when the report comes back on Tomas' prints the identity of the person whose prints it matched appears as 'classified'.


Still outside the diner, Echo and Charlie talk about the trouble Dorian's trying to cause for them. However, Echo admits she's glad Dorian's there for Viki. The situation must be tough for her. Charlie thinks Tess leaked the photo of them and says, "That girl doesn't care who she hurts."


Inside, Tea defends Tomas to Blair. John's jumping to conclusions. Tomas swore he didn't shoot Todd. Blair wonders why she asked Tomas if Tea's so sure he's innocent. Tea tells Blair about the envelope she found in his room but claims to believe Tomas' explanation. He's her brother. "We don't know him," Blair counters and refuses to be as trusting as Tea, let alone date Tomas. They briefly argue the dating angle. Just as they wonder why someone would shoot Todd, Tomas joins them. Blair asks him out on a date. Tomas agrees. Blair promises to call him with the details then leaves, planning to find out exactly what Tomas is hiding.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Starr searches for information from Deanna about her past with James.

James thinks Ford is softening toward Tess.

Niki and Tess reevaluate their plan involving the judge's decision in Ryder's custody case.

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