Echo The Wrecko.

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Phyllis Rose drops a huge bombshell, Tess pushes for Niki to reemerge, and Bo and Clint argue...

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At their apartment, Tess and Ford watch "Access Llanview." Phyllis Rose airs a photo of Echo and Charlie kissing, labeled "Echo The Wrecko," and claims a well-known Buchanan personality leaked it to her. Ford lashes out at Tess for hurting Viki like this. Tess takes offense and tells Ford how Saint Viki acts when she's Niki Smith. Tess came out when Niki pimped out Jessica, as a little girl, to older men. Ford tries comforting Tess. She pulls away. Only one man has ever been there for her, Nash, but Natalie and Jared killed him. "You don't have to hide anymore," Ford says, "Not with me." Tess warns Ford never to defend Viki to her again then leaves.


Viki joins Natalie at Llanfair and sees the photo of Charlie and Echo kissing on "Access Llanview." Natalie thinks it's a fake. Viki tells her otherwise. When Natalie hears Tess took the photo, she rushes off to confront her. Tess appears, happy to have Viki all to herself. She taunts Viki about being a failure as a wife and most of all as a mother. Viki begs Tess to stop. She suddenly doesn't feel well. Tess cheerfully wonders if Viki's having another heart attack. "It's Niki Smith to you, bitch," Niki boasts. "Niki Smith is alive!"


Natalie arrives at Ford's, who informs Tess isn't home. Natalie laces into him about Tess. Ford sticks up for Tess and brings up what Viki's done as Niki Smith. Natalie defends Viki's sickness and warns Ford that Tess will pay if she ever hurts her family again.


Before Echo and Charlie enter the diner, she listens to Clint's message about staying quite, while Charlie checks in with Rex. Inside, Dorian stands next to Destiny in shock over the photo of Echo and Charlie. When she sees them enter the diner, Dorian alerts them to their public outing on television. Echo and Charlie leave, hoping Viki didn't see the broadcast. Dorian follows them outside and lashes out at the couple. They make excuses for falling in love. When Charlie brings up how Clint manipulated them, Dorian claims Echo's known all along that Clint was Rex's father. Charlie refuses to believe it. Echo urges Dorian to ask Clint. He'll back her up. Dorian promises to do so and leaves. Echo promises Charlie she never knew for sure if Clint was Rex's father. Back inside, Phyllis Rose implies to her viewers that Nora could have killed Eddie Ford. A reporter listens as Destiny calls "Access Llanview." Destiny thinks Phyllis Rose has no idea who killed Eddie. While Destiny's on hold, the reporter approaches her and convinces Destiny to let her help prove that Matthew's mom is innocent. The reporter listens intently as Destiny talks about the 'rough time' Matthew's been going through.


At the Buchanan Mansion, Clint assures Bo he doesn't want to ruin Matthew's life. Clint tries to convince Bo to stay quiet too. Bo blames Clint for lighting the fuse, which resulted in Matthew having blood on his hands. Clint breathes heavily and agrees to take Bo's blame but demands it's time Bo puts his family first, not his job. Bo refuses to let Matthew believe the Buchanans live by a separate set of rules. If Bo were to let Matthew go, he'd turn out just like Clint. Bo goes over all of Clint's dirty deeds and says, "You've ruined lives." Clint loosens his tie and orders Bo to leave. Once alone, Clint grabs his chest and whispers for Nigel. He falls to the floor, suffering a heart attack.


Still at the loft, Nora tells Matthew Bo went to talk to Clint. He wonders what they plan to do in regards to Eddie's murder. Nora brings up how she prosecuted Nate and asks if Matthew was going to let Nate take the rap for him. Matthew was going to confess, but Nate was released. Nora reminds him she and Bo could've lost their jobs and innocent people suffered because of this mess. "I'm ready to confess," Matthew states then again goes over what happened with Eddie. Nora asks if Matthew can live with knowing he killed a man. In tears, Matthew can't deny Eddie was a human being, though not a good one. Bo arrives and warns Matthew that Clint used him. Nora promises Clint will get exactly what he deserves, sooner or later.


Gigi approaches Rex at the carriage house. He briefly fills her in on his confrontation with Clint. Gigi assures Rex he's a good father. They both agree to be there for Shane together, always. Rex wants to seal the deal, gets on one knee and asks Gigi to marry him.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Dorian finds Clint having a heart attack and asks for the truth in exchange for her help.

Tea and Blair go over John's suspicions where Tomas is concerned.

Niki and Tess strike a deal.

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