Please Don't Tell Me It Just Happened.

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Charlie and Viki say goodbye, Rex and Gigi talk to Shane, and Starr has a lot of questions...

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Echo appears at the Buchanan Mansion and tells Clint about her affair with Charlie. Viki knows. When Clint accuses her of scheming to trap Charlie, Echo blames Clint for pushing them together during the paternity debacle. He orders Echo to send Charlie back to Viki. "He's in love with me now," Echo states and asks Clint for his silence. She never wants Charlie to find out she knew Clint was Rex's father. They argue over their lies. Echo breaks down and reveals what Shane's going through. Clint won't allow anyone to bully his grandson. He wants justice, but Echo counters, "You care about your grandson." Talk turns to back to Charlie. Clint doesn't think Echo cares about Charlie's feelings and accuses her of wanting him to stay quiet for herself. Clint can't make Echo any promises.


At Llanfair, Charlie assures Viki he'll be there to help her get custody of Ryder. She wonders if he'll be around to help raise him as well. He won't. Viki refuses to lie to the court and urges Charlie to go be with Echo. Charlie didn't intend to fall in love with Echo. Viki won't let Charlie off that easy and orders him to get his things and leave. After Charlie packs his bags, Viki says, "I never want to see you again." Charlie admits Viki turned his life around. Viki doesn't regret the time they had but now wants a divorce. Viki hands him a mug from the Paris, Texas café. Charlie leaves. Viki breaks down. Soon after, Clint arrives.


James tries to ignore his doorbell. Starr calls out to him. James opens the door. Starr rushes into his arms, crying about Langston. She spots Deanna and asks, "What's she doing here?" James introduces them. Starr recalls that Deanna and James dated. Deanna clarifies that she and James were in love. When Deanna excuses herself, Starr demands to know what's going on. James found out Deanna was in town and admits, "I went to see her." He explains Deanna's broke. Starr's upset that Deanna's crashing in his room. Deanna listens as James admits Deanna dumped him. It was pretty bad. "Is she the one who got away?" Starr asks. Deanna rejoins them and offers to cook some food. James ushers Starr and Deanna out for a meal instead.


At the Manning Estate, Dani and Tea look at the sketch Tomas gave her. Tea wonders if he had any others. Dani brings up the envelope Tomas was hiding. Tea goes to Tomas' bedroom, as he scrambles to return the photo of Todd's old face back into the envelope. After Tomas leaves, Tea locates the envelope. Dani catches her. Tea admits she's snooping. Talk turns to how much they both miss Todd. Tea holds Dani close.


At the mansion, Blair takes away Jack's cell and asks if he apologized to Shane. "He didn't show up for school," Jack replies. She wants Jack to be a good man and orders, "You're going to Shane's to apologize." Later, Tomas arrives with a bottle of wine and wonders why Blair's avoiding him. Does she think he had something to do with what happened to Todd? Blair brings up Tomas' suspicious behavior since the shooting. He starts unbuttoning his shirt to prove John never shot him. Blair stops him. She doesn't have time for this and admits she and Todd may have raised a monster. Tomas comforts Blair. Tea wanted Blair to raise Dani because she's a good mother. "Call me," Tomas says before leaving. "I miss you."


Over at the carriage house, Rex and Gigi ask Shane why he didn't come to them. He didn't want them to know he's such a loser. They assure Shane he's great. The other kids are just jealous. Gigi begs Shane to promise he'll never try to hurt himself again. Though Shane thinks he would've been better off dead, Rex and Gigi try to make him realize he has a lot to live for. Shane promises he won't try to off himself again. Later, Rex admits to Gigi that he wanted to throttle Jack Manning. Just as they plan to check with Bo about bullying laws, Blair appears with Jack. Though Blair claims Jack wants to apologize, Rex refuses to let Jack anywhere near his son and tells Blair Shane tried to kill himself.


Tomas returns home and finds Tea in his bedroom holding the photo of Todd's old face.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Tomas questions Tea.

Viki finds out about Shane being bullied from Clint.

Tess calms Ryder.

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