I'm Leaving Llanview.

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Starr's surprised Langston's leaving, Clint informs Kelly about the flash drive, and Charlie confesses that he loves Echo...

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Starr finds Markko at the mansion and wonders what he's doing there. "I came for Langston," he replies. Langston and Markko explain their new project. Starr's stunned to hear Langston's leaving Llanview. Markko leaves to visit his parents. Over talk of the strong connection Langston still feels toward Markko, Starr breaks down. With Langston gone, it'll be as though a piece of Starr is missing. Langston tries to back out of leaving, but Starr won't allow it. She wants the best for Langston. The girls remember their good times and cry in each other's arms. Langston promises they'll be in touch constantly. Starr knows it won't be that easy and admits she can hardly get in touch with James, who's right across town. Langston insists Starr go find James and hugs her goodbye. Later, Markko returns and finds Langston looking at photos of her and Starr. It's going to be hard to leave Starr, but at least Langston knows she'll be in good hands.


James misses a call from Starr when he finds Deanna in her nightshirt at his apartment. Deanna smirks when James admits he hasn't told Starr that she stayed overnight. James wonders what the hell happened to Deanna after he left Ohio. "You don't know the half of it," she replies. James brings up how Deanna dumped him and thanks her for it. If she hadn't, James would've never left Ohio or met Starr. "I never stopped loving you," Deanna admits. She lied to James when she told him differently. Just as Deanna tries to explain, Starr rings the doorbell.


"I've heard of kissing cousins, but this is ridiculous," Tess says. Aubrey pulls away from Cutter in the steam room. Tess guesses that Aubrey and Cutter aren't siblings and that they're scamming Joey. Aubrey makes excuse, but Cutter stops her. Tess is on to them. Tess agrees to stay quite if they give her half of the Buchanan fortune they plan to scam and taunts Aubrey about how she isn't just Plan B to Cutter. A guy walks into the steam room. Tess convinces him to leave then sends Cutter and Aubrey on their way before someone else sees them together. Cutter privately assures Aubrey he'll keep a close eye on Tess.


Charlie arrives at Echo's room. He's glad their affair is out in the open. Charlie wants to be with Echo but needs to stand by Viki during the custody hearing. Echo's content with Charlie's decision and doesn't want to further pressure him to tell Viki. They can't wait to be a couple and agree to endure all of the backlash that'll come with it together. Echo thinks back to knowing Clint was Rex's father all along.


Joey arrives at Llanfair and interrupts Viki's memories of meeting Charlie. He needs advice on marriage. He explains Aubrey's upset, how he punched John and claims not to care about Kelly anymore. Viki is the last person who should give him advice. She admits her marital issues with Charlie. Viki wants to fight for Charlie, but if he loves Echo, the marriage is over. Viki urges Joey to be honest about his feelings for Kelly now before anyone gets hurt. If Charlie would've done that, things might be different for her. When Charlie appears, Joey leaves. Viki needs to know if Charlie loves Echo. "Yes," Charlie replies.


Kelly approaches Clint at the Buchanan mansion, wanting a quote on why the charges were dropped against him. Clint changes the subject to Joey, and Kelly's fling with John, then admits Aubrey and Cutter replaced the original contents of the flash drive. Kelly wonders what was on the original then backtracks. She doesn't want to know. Kelly refuses to chase Joey anymore. Though she leaves, Kelly quickly returns and asks what was on the flash drive. "They are no more brother and sister than you and I," Clint reveals about Cutter and Aubrey, who also plan to rob Joey blind. The flash drive's been destroyed. Clint can't risk further destruction of his relationship with Joey by telling him, but Kelly can. Kelly won't. Joey will only hate her more. Clint was hoping Joey would open his eyes where Aubrey is concerned. Now he'll have to point Joey in the right direction and says, "I hope you'll help me." Just as Clint suggests they set it up so Joey finds Cutter and Aubrey together, Joey appears. Kelly leaves. Joey asks after Aubrey. Clint hasn't seen her.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Charlie and Viki say goodbye.

Rex and Gigi contemplate what to do about Shane.

Starr has a lot of questions for James after meeting Deanna.

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