What Are You Doing With This?

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Natalie returns John's engagement ring, Markko surprises Langston, and Ford gives Cutter a warning...

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Natalie finds Liam's sonogram photo in John's office and says, "Our baby." John reminds Natalie Liam is her and Brody's. Why does John have the photo? John makes excuses. Natalie thinks him having the photo is proof John still cares. He denies it but asks for the photo back. Natalie starts ripping it. "What're you doing?" John asks. Natalie warns John he can't have it both ways. He wonders what's holding her and Brody back from becoming a family. Brody loves Jessica. Natalie still loves John. He can't forget she had a baby with someone else. In tears, Natalie thinks it's time to move on. She removes the engagement ring. John tells her to keep it. He thought she'd have the ring forever. "So did I," Natalie cries. She puts the ring on his desk and leaves.


In the gym, Ford assures Brody he won't allow Tess near Cutter again, seeing as Cutter was able to bring Jessica out. Brody better get used to it. Tess is here to stay. Brody vows to bring Jessica back. Kelly and Joey argue nearby. Aubrey hears Joey punched John. It's clear Joey is jealous of Kelly's relationship with John. Joey denies it but continues lashing out at Kelly for sleeping with John, especially in the closet at Rodi's where they almost… "Almost what?" Aubrey asks. Joey insists nothing happened. Kelly leaves, and Aubrey wonders if Joey's sorry he married her. He isn't. She rushes off anyway. Across the room, Rama admits to Cris it's her fault Vimal's in prison. She covers then thinks about telling Vimal she was pregnant. Rama realizes she's late for her visit with Vimal. Cris offers to drive her.


Tess and Cutter get hot in the steam room. "Where am I?" Tess pulls back. "What're you doing to me?" Cutter tries calming her, thinking Jessica's returned. Tess is only playing. She drops her towel, as well as Cutter's, then takes him in another kiss. Ford appears, pulls Cutter off Tess and orders, "Get your hands off my wife!" Ford reminds Tess of their custody fight. She could ruin everything. When Ford threatens to rat Cutter out for being with Tess, Cutter threatens to blow his custody case sky high if Ford opens his mouth. Tess agrees. If she wants to see Cutter, it's none of Ford's business. She threatens to keep Ryder from him if he objects. Ford warns them not to get caught then leaves. Later, Aubrey appears, doesn't see Tess and takes Cutter in a kiss. Tess makes her presence known and says, "I've heard of kissing cousins but this…"


Vimal waits for Rama to arrive at Statesville. Marty appears, finds out she got her visitation with Cole wrong and tries to leave. Vimal stops her and reminds Marty of the night he switched the DNA tests. She was there. He wishes he would've left the DNA lab the moment Marty walked in and says, "To lie about a man's paternity… It doesn't get any worse than that." Marty stares off in thought. When Rama arrives, Marty rushes out. Vimal tells Rama who Marty is then asks to see her baby bump. She refuses and snaps at Vimal. He apologizes and hates that she's alone. She's made new friends and speaks of Cris. Vimal's jealous.


In the hallway, Marty runs into Cris and drops a paper. Cris picks it up and asks why Marty has Natalie's paternity results. Cris knows Marty held Liam's paternity over Natalie's head. She's apologized for that. Marty rushes off. Cris goes to get Rama and is confused when Vimal warns him to keep his hands off his wife because she's in a delicate condition.


Langston is stunned to see Markko at the mansion. Dorian introduces him as their new director. Langston accuses Dorian of scheming to get her and Markko back together. Dorian denies it and asks Langston to trust them. She and Markko are going to work great together. David and Dorian leave. Langston apologizes that Dorian dragged Markko all the way back here and says, "Clearly this isn't going to work." Markko thinks this project could jumpstart their careers. Langston wonders how Karen will feel. "We're not together anymore," Markko admits. He's sorry to hear things didn't work out with Ford. Markko never wanted to see Langston hurt. After what she did to him, Langston wonders if Markko could really work with her. They agree to take things one step at a time.


In their bedroom, Dorian and David discuss how they'll manage their long distance relationship. They lighten things up with a little role-playing, which leads to sex. David wishes she could go back to L.A. with him but understands she can't. Dorian respects his career as well. They'll make it work.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Starr is surprised Langston plans to leave Llanview to write David's movie.

Clint informs Kelly the flash drive proved Cutter and Aubrey are lovers.

Charlie confesses to Viki that he loves Echo.

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